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Small Business Coaching

Build yourself, your strategy, your confidence.
Mindset + Authentic Vision + Strategy + Time Management = A business that fills you up instead of tearing you down.

One-on-one results-based business coaching powers through problem into solution in 30 days.

Lunch and learns for your organization, half-day or full day mindset and skills workshops in mindful leadership, communication, sales, resilience and presentation.

Weekend transformation training in hypnosis, burnout prevention and resiliency, conversational sales for women, voice & message power.

The mindset of success: confidence, public speaking, sales, resiliency

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Discover how to rapidly change your business results by changing your thinking and strategies. Uncover your strength, vision, resilience and brilliance.

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Release limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back in core to your business coaching program. Discover a powerful new future built on your authentic purpose and powerful voice. Let’s align your values and vision for new energy and momentum.


This business coaching process empowers you to:

  • clear out stuck emotions,
  • edit ineffective strategies, and
  • reprogram limiting beliefs

to give you mastery over your emotional state and mindful leadership abilities. Resilience.

Rewiring the thought patterns that had you stuck allows you to uncover your resources again: creativity, flow, patience, curiosity, trust, humour, joy, values, vision and confidence.

Next we build out your authentic vision, goals and new habits, and the communication and leadership skills so that you are equipped and ready to make a difference.





Working directly with the latest neuroscience, we remove stuck emotions and limiting beliefs for immediate and noticeable results.

Next we look at strategies and habits and work to edit those to serve you better – good habits are a real thing!

Then we look at vision, goals, strategies to install at the unconscious level so they happen almost automatically.

And of course we build leadership and communications excellence in your platform and performance.