My Isolation Project: help 100 people in 100 days (by July 16th – I am extending this popular offer to August 14!) complementary. 56 spots still available as of July 13! The booking form is just at the bottom of this page.

No strings, no cost. If you are an entrepreneur struggling with mindset or strategy challenges during this pandemic, I am here to help. Running a business is tough at the best of times. Fighting off financial challenges, exhaustion, burnout, anxiety, frustration, rising after failures and trying to achieve work-life balance. (I know. I have been there, burnt out, got the the T-shirt. And a whole new set of tools for combatting anxiety, achieving goals, finding joy and success.)

This is not the best of times.

How does this Pivot Coaching Call offer work? Set a goal, fill out a (very short) form, book a call, do your homework, share your progress.

Is it really free? Yes, it really is.

Really? Yes.

Why??! So many reasons. Reasons that add up to a win-win-win.

  • To help people that need support but may feel they cannot afford it.
  • To show that coaching can achieve incredibly powerful results, very very fast.
  • To give in a time of being isolated.
  • To meet lots and lots of brilliant people.
  • To help entrepreneurs regain their perspective in a surreal world.
  • To have a project that energizes and inspires me.
  • Because it feels like my civic responsibility (to cheesy? true though)
  • Because I can.

So let’s get going!

Set a Goal

What kind of goal?

Great question. (Hey, I am the coach – I ask the questions!)
Here are a few ideas…

  • CREATIVITY & POSITIVE PIVOT – Brainstorm innovative ways to reach the clients that need you today.
  • STAY PRESENT – Strategy for building your connections deeper
  • PLAN A QUANTUM LEAP – for emerging stronger
  • SET A GOAL – and install it
  • CALM AND CENTRED -Discover anxiety reducing techniques that help you achieve calm inside the uncertainty.
  • FIND POWERFUL CONFIDENCE – a great tool to access confidence on demand
  • ACCOUNTABILITY AND ENCOURAGEMENT – coaching sessions that keep your mindset strong.
  • MARKETING WITH TECHNOLOGY – Set up marketing and sales strategies that tap into technology – create a video, course, pdf and design a funnel.
  • TECHNOLOGY COACHING – how to start an email list, setup on LinkedIN, send an email blast, use Zoom, send an invoice, accept merchant payments, put a few of your products online.
  • NETWORKING: Design a plan to build an online referral team so that you can encourage each other, build each others’ presence and have a positive focus.
  • CONNECT – connect you with people and resources beyond what I offer… I know a lot of incredible people.

Fill out a Form & Book Your Session

Book your session through my online booking calendar. It will ask you a couple of short questions. When you share information with me in advance, it allows us to fully focus our call on your results. If you prefer, text my cell phone with your basic details and I will email you the questions.

We will meet on Zoom for 45 minutes to an hour.

After our session you may have some homework to ensure you are on track. I will have you share feedback and an update within one week of the call!

If you want more details, reach out! or text 705-896-1370