Vision #WednesdayWorksheet Building a Personal Vision – and a 3-Year Vision of Leadership in your Organization

In Born to Win, Zig Ziglar identifies that there are 3 keys all leaders must have are: Vision, Persuasion and Action. And as you think on this statement, imagine vision without action, or action without vision! And of course vision and action without persuasion means you are not leading, you are taking that walk [...]

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You have Imposter Syndrome? #WednesdayWorksheet Limiting Beliefs Journal

When I started teaching college at Georgian College some years ago, I had an opportunity to learn about imposter syndrome... from first hand experience! I arrived at my first day of teaching expecting... expecting... well something. The Dean to audit my first class. The IT department to be checking out that I knew how [...]

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#womeninleadership #womenleaders #womenincommunityleadership

We all know that we need more leaders. And that we need more women in leadership. So who is a leader? Some of the answers are obvious: upper management, C-suite, Executive Directors of non-profits, politicians... others are not so obvious: entrepreneurs, volunteers, committee members, service groups, mothers. Whether you accept it or not - [...]

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