#MondayMeditation Grounding Meditation

How do we "arrive at the meditation"? Our brains are made to think. And yet, this can be frustrating to the beginner to meditation. They feel they should be "quieting the mind" and they notice that their mind is racing. It is the noticing of the mind racing and then gently guiding the mind to [...]

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Self Coaching Process from NLP #WednesdayWorksheet

Where do results come from? The results you are achieving (or not) are very instructive. Just by looking at your results and hearing you talk about them, I can identify your beliefs about yourself and the world. In fact, after a one-hour intake process, you will finally really understand who you are and how you [...]

Body Scan Meditation #MondayMeditation

Focusing only on what is actually happening right now is a powerful skill. And a tough one to master. It sounds so simple and yet our brains are designed to be busy, alert and easily distracted. After all, those distractions might be a sabre tooth tiger, right? The formal practice of mindful meditation entrains our [...]

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Breath in this Moment #MondayMeditation

Last week I talked to you about Mindfulness Meditation - one of several types of meditation that I will be sharing with you. This week we will go into a more formal practice as we use the breath to help anchor us to "this moment". As you grow more attuned to focusing on the [...]

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RAIN Worksheet A Mindfulness + NLP Exercise R.A.I.N. + L + A

I love this worksheet! It is one of the most powerful, profound ways to build emotional regulation and take control of your state that I have seen. It starts with the modality of Mindfulness and the R.A.I.N. process then I add in TimeLineTherapy Learnings and NLP presuppositions and action. Dismiss that Unnecessary Anxiety, Anger, Guilt [...]

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Core Values as your Filter #WednesdayWorksheet

We can live a life driven by our our Core Values and focused on our Vision. To do so we need to be aware of how we filter our reality and then use our values and our vision to deliberately filter that experience. How Values Filter our World Even if  you don't currently know [...]

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