Human? You have an UN.

At BNI today we talked about Happiness. Confidence. Joy. These are our natural states of being. When we are not living our life there consistently, this is a symptom. A symptom of a solvable problem. And a pretty much universal problem - because although everyone needs a coach starting in elementary school, this stuff just [...]

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Commit to Energy – Energy from Commitment. Let’s MOVE!

The year is far from over! What will you do with the last quarter? Why do I recommend a 90-Day Sprint, and to whom? A time-limited, focused drive toward a goal will teach you things about your own abilities that you deserve to learn. That you are strong, capable, powerful, effective. When you test yourself [...]

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Happy Back-to-School New Year! Ready? #90DaySprint #Goals

Happy New Year! We all know that the first Tuesday after Labour Day Weekend is a second, unofficial New Year’s Day, right? I can almost smell pencil shavings. Other than the “almost”. Confession - I cannot resist going into Staples at the end of August and buying myself new pens, pencils, sticky notes and other [...]

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