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The Manifesting Goals 2-Step

Today's post takes what can seem like wishing and magic and turns it into a mathematical and logical result. Yes, Goal Achievement. Note: If you do have not already committed to a solid 3-year vision that resonates right down to your toes, stop. Go back to that post and get "on purpose". Setting a goal [...]

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Make Room for New Goals

New goals are exciting aren't they? They can also be daunting. One of the reasons that people hesitate to set new goals is the fear that they will fail. They will let themselves down. And a lurking belief that they don't have follow through. As with many debilitating Limiting Beliefs, this one is another simple [...]

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How do you Know it is Conflict?

Conflict? Conflict. Introverts avoid it, and we can be surprised to hear that Extroverts, generally, find conflict an engaging challenge. The levels of stress experienced by the same event are one of the things that defines our personalities, leading us toward some activities and away from others. What one feels as stressful, another embraces. We [...]

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Sales Goals? Calling all Introvert Entreprenurs!

When you finally clear away the wrong-thinking, cliched nonsense about what makes a great sales person; when you clear up the twisted stereotypes of what an introvert actually is… You discover that introverts are some of the greatest entrepreneurs, leaders and yes, salespeople. Which is why, if you are an introvert, my 14 day challenge [...]

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Do Introverts Need Other People?

(MP3 Introvert Recharge available at the bottom of this post - please login to your free account for access) Sometimes introverts can withdraw from other people in a very self-protective way. This is a problem because introverts love people. And many introverts are at their best - creative, problem solving, resourceful - only when they [...]

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What is Underneath Those Results?

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an archaeologist. I loved the appeal of mystery (without the danger. At that time, the Mummy movies didn’t exist). Literally uncovering clues by digging through the dirt. Figuring out how those people lived, what they cared about.  Discovery! Brilliant treasures. Getting a glimpse into people’s [...]

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Being an Introvert is NOT your Problem

Working with dynamic brilliant entrepreneurs is incredibly rewarding. One of the things I enjoy most is helping introverts recognize that being an introvert is a tremendous strength - not a problem. (Yes, I am an introvert!) What is a problem is what they have been told introvert means. What is a problem is what they [...]

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The Explosive Child… a book with some hope?

All children are good if they can be. That is the premise of this book by Ross W. Greene. That when children explode - or implode - it is due to frustration around a skill they don't have...yet. Challenging kids are lacking the skills of flexibility, adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving. The list of [...]

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