A bit about Cher

I have lived in Midland since 1992 when I moved here as a young mom. It was important to me to choose a town where I could raise my child – and to me Midland was the big city. Coming from Elmvale, I knew I still wanted that community feel and safety but also wanted more amenities, and the beauty of Little Lake Park was a real feature. We lived at 676 King Street before buying a duplex in the east end. Back then I was a single mom and even then needed to be a bit creative about how to afford housing.

I now live in Sunnyside (in Ward 3) with my husband John and my two step-grandsons. We moved here in 2001 to be closer to the trails and be surrounded by nature. We have deer that come into our back yard on a regular basis and sitting on our deck is like sitting at the cottage year-round.

I have been raising children since 1989 and now have some breathing room to contribute more to the community. I run a small business from home that gives me flexibility in both time and finances. (I offer business and public relations coaching to people stepping into new leadership roles to help them find confidence, resilience and identify their values and value.)

You may recognize my name from RogersTV where I volunteered for several years as host of Politically Speaking. During that time, I deepened both my love of politics and my respect for politicians. Each week I would interview one of the local mayors, the MP or the MPP. I also got to do a few more creative shows influenced by my passion. My favourites of these “specials”: interviewing a panel of student council presidents of the local high schools; a restorative justice show with the FACE organization; the Prosperity Summits.

Some experiences that have given me skills that I believe will assist on council (beyond parenting):

I have been an entrepreneur since 1990 – learning a great deal about communication, collaboration and negotiation. I also got schooling in stress, multi-tasking, failure and compromise. As a PR and New-Leadership coach, I have the opportunity to help individuals tap into internal resources, blast past limits and stuck thinking and achieve real results to move them forward.
I am a people-wonk. I just really respect people and listen intently to them. Give me half an hour one-on-one with someone and I can find respect and value and probably get to their passion and magnificence as well.

I was adjunct faculty at Georgian College for several years, teaching in the school of Hospitality. Until they dropped the three year program. I taught information technology and online marketing, pulling in community involvement to build a sense of real world application of databases, customer relationship software, destination marketing organizations and government initiatives around marketing to Ontario and the world.
I am a software wonk. I love database driven IT that makes sure nothing slips through the cracks… and that lets you generate reports to see where you are actually at.

While at Eco Insulation Franchising Inc., I and the COO shared responsibility for completely re-writing their Franchise Operations Manual and every technical bulletin they use in their business. I also spearheaded the creation of a support and compliance process that I called the Health Check. This was based on the new Operations Manual and followed a set process with each franchise that included quantitative and qualitative measures of performance, training needs, quality assurance and brand protection.
I am a process wonk. I love consistent, step-by-step process for most actions.

I have certifications in coaching, as well as being a long-time Toastmaster, that help me listen intently, question intelligently, design agreed outcomes that are specific and measurable statements tied to a timeline.
I am a S.M.A.R.T. goals wonk. If you are going to do something – know in a measurable fashion what success looks like and how you are going to get there. I also love the power of words. When you can get a problem clarified to the point of expressing it in words that everyone agrees captures the issue – you are over half way to a solution.