Your Brain is Working Perfectly

Anxious? Overwhelmed and irritable? Forgetful to the point you feel you are losing it? Your brain is working perfectly! Just... not in the direction you would like it to be. And no wonder. Honestly, it is logical and easy to understand. But better than that, it is easy and fast to correct!! Sceptical? Let me [...]

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Decision Making and the Wise Mind

Decision Making is not a skill that I was ever taught in school. Not even when I directly asked my teachers or guidance counsellors questions like, "How do I decide what to do with my life?" (BTW I have a great book that answers that very specific question.) I have a course that maps out [...]

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What Gets in the Way of Energy, Joy and Velocity in Business?

In your natural state you are confident. Honest. Some days that may sound like a big lie, but I have to say it again. Confidence is your natural state of being. So are energy and joy. If you are not experiencing that as a truth most of the time, you have bunch of baggage and [...]

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The Solution is in the Problem

A great coaching conversation doesn’t tell you anything brilliant, it helps you uncover your own brilliance. As a business and leadership confidence coach, the first thing I actually do with a client is have them prove they have a challenge or problem: “How do you know that there is a problem?” Seriously. This conversation brings [...]

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You’ve Got This

Scroll to the bottom for free MP3: Mindful Self-Compassion, a loving-kindness meditation. After 2 crazy weeks with BNI and Town Council wrapping our heads around our current reality with COVID-19, I am putting together a semblance of “business as usual”. I love face to face meetings. I have a lot of empathy and creativity that [...]

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Your business has been disrupted.

Should you continue promoting your business during Corona?  Yes!  Confused seeking clarity and plan to move forward? Is it okay to keep building your business? What about the state of emergency? Shut-downs? Social Distancing? Is this selfish? I know, I struggle with this too.  But , you started your business for a reason – and let me [...]

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Self-Coaching 101 – Day One

Step by step self coaching model based on NLP. Welcome to this new series of articles on self-coaching that I will be sharing over the coming 8 weeks. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of language and of excellence. Richard Bandler and John Grinder set out to discover how to model (and then reproduce in [...]

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Where Does Momentum Come From?

One month into 2020 and do you know where your momentum is? As we move into February, it is a great time to look at our progress this year. What foundational pieces have you put in place? What resources have you gathered to support your change over the next 11 months?How much easier is it [...]

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Why do Coaches Elicit Core Values?

As coaches we do a lot of target work on getting new results. This might include goal setting, accountability, sales coaching, marketing planning… some tasks that have an obvious benefit to the client. What can be less obvious and much needed is work that examines our deeper programming. Work on Personality, Values and Beliefs (and [...]

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