95% of people can be hypnotized to some level. Even at a light level of trance, profound change can be created. Take this quiz to discover your trance level.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at your favourite movie. How clearly can you picture the theater? the movie?


How often do you find your mind wanders into daydreams?


Can you remember a time when you were very excited? A specific time? Re-experience it now. Really imagine that you are back in that moment of excitement. How strongly can you experience this moment?


Remember a time that you played with a child. How easy was it to put on expression, play act, pretend to be tickled or exaggerate your emotion?


Have you ever been driving home from a fair distance away and been surprised when you arrived in your driveway?


Have you ever been working on a project that totally immersed you so that you were entirely focused?


How long does it take you to fall asleep?


How well do you relax with people you trust?


When reading a good book, can you “close off” to any external distractions?


When chatting to a close friend, do you lose track of time?


When you see someone else yawn, does it become contagious?


Would you (or others) consider you to be a creative person?


Certain smells can instantly evoke a feeling or memory in me.


I am excited to explore my mind-body connection deeper.


I love new adventures and learning new skills.