Before investing time and money into Hypnotherapist Certification training, most people want to know two things: “Can I be hypnotized?” and “Can I hypnotize someone else?” This quiz should help with the second. The other quiz, and a free consultation with Cher, should answer both.

I am focused on helping my clients/patients achieve the result they want as quickly and as easily as possible.


I have a clear, strong voice.


I can follow directions and read a script.


I am an active listener. I care about my client or patient’s real motivations for change.


I don’t try to fix my client or patient. They are not broken.


I am focussed on increased results for my clients. My business is already about positive directions and services.


I am a confident, credible person.


I want to be able to control my patients better.


I would use a technique that helped my client instantly focus and relax for our session.


When it comes to the well-being of my clients or patients, I can be very custom and creative.