The Solution is in the Problem

A great coaching conversation doesn’t tell you anything brilliant, it helps you uncover your own brilliance. As a business and leadership confidence coach, the first thing I actually do with a client is have them prove they have a challenge or problem: “How do you know that there is a problem?” Seriously. This conversation brings [...]

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Get into Flow State Deliberately

(Your free worksheet and hypnosis mp3 are at the bottom of this post.) Where does flow come from? And, is it possible to choose to get into flow? In case you have not heard of flow, let's start there. Flow is a state of being in which you are so present and absorbed in the [...]

Human? You have an UN.

At BNI today we talked about Happiness. Confidence. Joy. These are our natural states of being. When we are not living our life there consistently, this is a symptom. A symptom of a solvable problem. And a pretty much universal problem - because although everyone needs a coach starting in elementary school, this stuff just [...]

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Commit to Energy – Energy from Commitment. Let’s MOVE!

The year is far from over! What will you do with the last quarter? Why do I recommend a 90-Day Sprint, and to whom? A time-limited, focused drive toward a goal will teach you things about your own abilities that you deserve to learn. That you are strong, capable, powerful, effective. When you test yourself [...]

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Happy Back-to-School New Year! Ready? #90DaySprint #Goals

Happy New Year! We all know that the first Tuesday after Labour Day Weekend is a second, unofficial New Year’s Day, right? I can almost smell pencil shavings. Other than the “almost”. Confession - I cannot resist going into Staples at the end of August and buying myself new pens, pencils, sticky notes and other [...]

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Take a Hike #WednesdayWorksheet

During the weekend, I had a peaceful, solitary retreat to Walter's Falls. I stayed at an Inn overlooking the small waterfall and spent my days reading, studying, writing and mostly - hiking along the Bruce Trail! Walking along in fairy land is definitely a great place for a hike. And I definitely enjoyed the beauty [...]

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I am Just Not “Feeling It” #MondayMeditation

Where does motivation come from? Some days, I will admit, it seems more elusive than others. Like there is a reluctance to even get started. "I don't feel like recording a meditation right now." Then the excuses: "I would be so much more valuable if I was in the mood for it, right?" But [...]

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Use the Snooze #MondayMeditation

Imagine starting each day calm, centered, energized. Alive in the moment and creating an experience, a ritual that feels positive, powerful and unhurried. Some of us leap out of bed each morning - already driven by anxiety for the day. We seem to get sucked into a reactive state for more and more of our [...]

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Finding Sleep #MondayMeditation MP3

In this reactive world we live in, we teach our minds to go faster and faster and faster. This habit can be heard to set aside so that we can sleep. Meditation allows you to notice the quiet in your mind... even while your mind may stay busy, you connect with the part of your [...]

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