Your business has been disrupted.

Should you continue promoting your business during Corona?  Yes!  Confused seeking clarity and plan to move forward? Is it okay to keep building your business? What about the state of emergency? Shut-downs? Social Distancing? Is this selfish? I know, I struggle with this too.  But , you started your business for a reason – and let me [...]

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I am Just Not “Feeling It” #MondayMeditation

Where does motivation come from? Some days, I will admit, it seems more elusive than others. Like there is a reluctance to even get started. "I don't feel like recording a meditation right now." Then the excuses: "I would be so much more valuable if I was in the mood for it, right?" But [...]

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Self Coaching Process from NLP #WednesdayWorksheet

Where do results come from? The results you are achieving (or not) are very instructive. Just by looking at your results and hearing you talk about them, I can identify your beliefs about yourself and the world. In fact, after a one-hour intake process, you will finally really understand who you are and how you [...]

#womeninleadership #womenleaders #womenincommunityleadership

We all know that we need more leaders. And that we need more women in leadership. So who is a leader? Some of the answers are obvious: upper management, C-suite, Executive Directors of non-profits, politicians... others are not so obvious: entrepreneurs, volunteers, committee members, service groups, mothers. Whether you accept it or not - [...]

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What Doug Ford means for your Local Campaign #PCPO

Oh provincial PC candidates, your platform changed overnight. You woke up this morning to a new leader, a new feeling about what it means to be Progressive Conservative in Ontario. For some of you, this feels like everything has changed - especially if you were a supporter of Christine Elliot or Caroline Mulroney. Doug Ford [...]

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Progressive Conservative Leadership Debate – 4 Lessons to Improve your Campaign

Managing yourself in a debate involves having a deliberate mindset and intentions coupled with being prepared with well-crafted messages that share your platform. I decided to watch the PC Leadership Debate on Wednesday with an eye to catching those types of responses to share with you. It was an interesting exercise. My husband and I [...]

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