44 Days to #onpoli Election – Candidates Meetings weeks Sooner. Are you Ready?

Candidate meetings or Candidate debates, whatever you call them, they are the second most nerve-wracking part of your campaign (second to waiting for the results to come in). What if they ask this question? What if I don't know the answer? How do I answer this tough question? What if I forget my point? What [...]

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Should I run for Municipal Council? an important personal and family decision

Over the last few weeks I have had a few people approach me as to whether I would be willing to run for council. Before I started hosting Politically Speaking on RogersTV a few years ago, I wasn't even sure I liked politics - or politicians for that matter. In the ensuing years I developed [...]

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The Effective Citizen – Book Review #campaign #election

The Effective Citizen is recommended reading... for the strong of heart and resilient. On my planner today is - "Finish Book Review of Effective Citizen - (make more positive)"... there are a lot of both insightful and inciteful elements to this book. My original first paragraph was: "The Effective Citizen - How to Make Politicians [...]

Super Simple Sound Bite Structure (and Samples) #campaign #election

A sound bite is the golden goose of the PR world - it produces replays over and over, long past the initial speech or interview. Sound bites need planning, deliberate thought and writing. In advance. Getting started, it is important that you don't overthink the sound bite. Sound bites are simple. In fact the point [...]

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Knock, knock… Why your Local Campaign is Critical

Kathleen Wynne   |   Doug Ford Two names that create an instant reaction. Whether you feel your party leader is unjustly despised by thousands or not... he/she is still despised. Let's just let that sink in. Listen up Local Candidates It is what it is. Accepting what is, is critical to getting prepared for your local [...]

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What Doug Ford means for your Local Campaign #PCPO

Oh provincial PC candidates, your platform changed overnight. You woke up this morning to a new leader, a new feeling about what it means to be Progressive Conservative in Ontario. For some of you, this feels like everything has changed - especially if you were a supporter of Christine Elliot or Caroline Mulroney. Doug Ford [...]

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Convert the “noise” into your election campaign platform #onpoli #infographic

You just want to be ready for anything that comes your way whether you are out canvassing, at an event or on the stage. You have heard that 80% of success is preparation. What you don't know... is how to prepare. How to take all of the ideas, problems and issues and turn it into [...]

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Progressive Conservative Leadership Debate – 4 Lessons to Improve your Campaign

Managing yourself in a debate involves having a deliberate mindset and intentions coupled with being prepared with well-crafted messages that share your platform. I decided to watch the PC Leadership Debate on Wednesday with an eye to catching those types of responses to share with you. It was an interesting exercise. My husband and I [...]

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