We can live a life driven by our our Core Values and focused on our Vision. To do so we need to be aware of how we filter our reality and then use our values and our vision to deliberately filter that experience.

How Values Filter our World

Even if  you don’t currently know your core values, your pre-programmed values are at work in your world.

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we work to become aware. Self awareness is one piece of this.

One aspect of self awareness is realizing that we are continuously filtering our experience. We are inundated with far too much information, over exposed to messages of conflicting nature all day long. To deal with this we filter most of it out! We delete, distort and generalize.

We delete anything that does not seem pertinent.

We distort things to match our existing beliefs – so that even data that is opposite can be used to confirm what we already know.

We generalize things into “I already know that” categories – often over generalizing below our conscious awareness and losing fine distinctions.

Create your Reality

The filters we use to delete, distort and generalize are our experience, our beliefs (including those Limiting Beliefs we talked about 2 weeks ago) and our values. Usually these filters are neither conscious nor deliberate.

This is one of the reasons why NLP Coaching literally changes your life. These self-coaching worksheets allow you a taste of what that can mean for you.

Coaching changes WHAT you are able to see and experience by working with those filters.

Two powerful filters that you can install that change your filters are your VISION and your CORE VALUES.

One way that our values effect our daily experience is that we also generalize our values to be those of other people. Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t understand how he/she could behave that way!” When people do things that are counter to our values (and we do not have the language of values systems) it can truly be completely befuddling.

We expect people in our own town and our own organization to live on a similar set of social principles and really… to behave like us.

Another way that our values filter life is by prioritizing what we are able to see. Threats and opportunities around our operating values will come to the forefront of our awareness. In order of priority. Until we have used up our resources of awareness and attention. Everything else is filtered away.

Identify your Core Values

As I mentioned, whether you know them consciously or not – values are driving your decisions and shaping what you think about the world you live in. Unfortunately, those unconscious values may not be yours.

Where did they come from? Your parents, culture, religion, gender, society, your teacher, friends, literature and sadly, the media; news, sitcoms, movies all shape our values. And they are often absorbed in a state similar to hypnosis: a focused and receptive state in which the speaker has credibility or we have suspended disbelief.

All is not lost. You can choose not only what values matter, but what priority level you assign them. Please note that there are also tools to install those values in your unconscious mind to help you live those values naturally, automatically and I would be pleased to help you make that happen. That said, awareness  and reminders will also go a long way to helping you turn these values into your habits of daily life.

So why don’t you dive right in? Download the Core Values Worksheet and set aside focused time to start designing a more powerfully meaningful life.

Use your Core Values to Accelerate your Vision

It really makes sense for you to choose, deliberately choose, those filters so you can create a world filled with your real Vision and Core Values. These two short exercises can and will transform you when you invest yourself in them. I suggest that you create a printed page for each and insert them in the very front of you Intention Log or your Gratitude Journal, or in your office and read them daily.

Next week’s worksheet is called “Defining Success” to help you get very clear on how you will know that you have achieved your Vision and are Living your Core Values.

As always, I would be honoured to help you in this process or likewise with a full life transforming Breakthrough or Mindset Mini-Breakthrough program to help you design your future and install the confidence and resources to achieve it.

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