As entrepreneurs, teachers, even parents – the dream of “just getting away for two weeks” in order to plan and rejuvenate and re-invent ourselves is such a strong desire.


This desire is actually a distraction. It hijacks your ability: to work day-to-day on a solid strategy; to design in weekly and quarterly “meetings” with yourself that actually would result in steady and truly transformative change.

And let’s be real… if you or I really did book a two week “Yearly Strategy Retreat” in Hawaii, how much pressure would that put on us to perform?! That amount of pressure is counter-productive! (And detracts from the beach.) It’s a lose-lose. You feel like you should be completely redesigning your life but you also feel you should relax so you can find that gem of genuine brilliance within and let it shine. The pressure to be brilliant reduces the likelihood of brilliance.

Now, that being said, you DO need to separate yourself from your environment to do this work. Get away from your phone, turn off the email, leave the laundry and kids and clients. Go somewhere new – even just for a weekend, a day or a couple of hours. Some of my best creative work has happened during a coffee at the the shop just downtown (The Elegant Gourmet in Midland).

Specific times, places and process are all that are really needed.

How first – much time does it take to transform?

I love that question 😀

The answer – is specific times each day, week, month and quarter. This means that you can re-design your life in a weekend. Invent massive change in quarterly goal setting sessions. Implement this in monthly landmarks that show up in your weekly calendar and your daily habits. There is no goal you can name that cannot be attained through the support of a simple habit you carry out in 5-15 minutes a day. (The trick is figuring out that habit, that process.)

So next let’s work with the environment. You need to respect the process enough to leave your daily environment and escape to a place where you can hold possibility in your hands and nurture it.
That level of self-respect is key.
Take yourself seriously.
Take your abilities and your value seriously.

The process of designing change requires:

  • a space and time to be set aside
  • an agenda to follow
  • the right questions
  • brainstorming
  • a mentor, mastermind or accountability partner
  • critical thinking tools to see where you are now, where you want to be and a timeline
  • a specific, repeatable process of building power into your vision
  • design tools to create goals then break them down into strategies then into actions and specific scheduling so that you know exactly when to do what to make your vision come alive.

This is my super power. If you know who you want to be known as in 3 years – the persona you want to own – I can show you how to backward-engineer that into what you should be doing tomorrow and next week in order to get from here to there. Then we can work together to build the processes, plans and products for you to achieve your vision. Measurable. Deliberate. Solid.

I can also help you make these new habits and goals part of your reality easily and automatically through a combination of environmental triggers, strategy design and your unconscious mind. So that you naturally carry out these critical tasks to build your new vision.

Even if you have been frustrated in the past, you really can create that future that you have been dreaming of. And it is just about having a simple set of tools and processes – customized to your needs and supported through coaching.