One month into 2020 and do you know where your momentum is?

As we move into February, it is a great time to look at our progress this year.

What foundational pieces have you put in place? What resources have you gathered to support your change over the next 11 months?
How much easier is it now to imagine your success, compared to even 30 days ago?

Those first steps were hard, overcoming inertia.
But each step becomes easier and easier as you gain momentum.

Where does momentum come from? As the picture says, overcome inertia and forget to stop. Very “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and a bit tongue in cheek, but true. That first step that breaks inertia can feel so good that we stop to celebrate… too long. And that celebration turns into distraction, tangents, new inertia. So forget to stop. Take the next step. And the next. Till you have a new habit. Momentum. Continuing.

Momentum is created. Deliberately.

With an investment in planning time.

Working on your business is “meta” time. Time to step back from today and look at the week, the month, the year, the vision. Getting a sense of the progress, the needs, where the details fit into those long-term goals.

When you set aside even one hour a week to work on your business, it can be transformative.

Now I don’t mean an hour of worrying about your business and chasing your tail in anxiety.
And I don’t mean an hour of should and wishes.
And I don’t, don’t, don’t mean an hour of social media.

One hour of checking in on your long-term goals, identifying the steps to take this week and checking on those habits that help you achieve your goals automagically.

Do this one-hour a week Meta Planning with an accountability partner for added oomph.
Accountability partners or, better yet, a mini-mastermind group for 3 to 6 months can be the key to consistent and supported momentum. Your coach can run you through this in 45 minutes of coaching by phone or on Zoom. A friend who is at a similar stage in their business may be open to doing this with you for mutual benefit.

Who is your accountability partner?

Once a week, have a formal meeting that truly creates accountability. Check each other on your sh*t. What progress have you made? What is holding you back? What is your next step? What action can you take to resolve the problems you have been bumping up against.

Accountability Meeting Agenda

Take turns on each of these items

  1. Tally of Points
  2. Success this week to celebrate
  3. Biggest struggle
  4. Help requested
  5. Brainstorm ideas
  6. Next week’s Rocks
  7. Resources you may require
  8. Next Step/Action
  9. Celebration Planned

A lot of cool things happen in an agenda like this. Things that are designed to support the way your brain functions.

  • Deadlines – albeit soft and low stress.
  • Celebration – gamify the goal and take time to enjoy every little win.
  • Expecting struggles and failures – this takes the shame out of mishaps.
  • A conversation of brainstorming – opens up the flow of creativity, hope and focuses on the goal instead of the problem.
  • Connection and support – adds positive emotion to the goal, making it more real and easier to visualize success.
  • A commitment of time – that demonstrates to the unconscious mind, “this is for real!”.

Overcoming inertia is tough. Our brains don’t like change or challenge… but our hearts and minds thrive on it. If you are having difficulties, contact me… we can re-program your procrastination strategy, eliminate the secondary gain and blast out the negative self talk that drags you down.