Where do results come from?

The results you are achieving (or not) are very instructive. Just by looking at your results and hearing you talk about them, I can identify your beliefs about yourself and the world.

In fact, after a one-hour intake process, you will finally really understand who you are and how you got to where you are in life today! It is an exciting experience to go through. Let me share an intake I had a female client we will call Cathy.

Cathy had been reading personal development books and attending programs and logically (consciously) she got it. But her actions and results wouldn’t budge. As we went through a relaxed and open intake conversation, I listened attentively and made notes and spoken observations as her patterns and beliefs revealed themselves.

(Hearing your unconscious limiting beliefs stated out loud is a weird feeling. They resonate as true in your body and sound ridiculous to your mind.)

We then tracked the patterns I had heard through role models and events from childhood all the way up to now. I continued to put a voice to the ‘broken’ strategies, habits and beliefs we uncovered. By the time the intake session ended, Cathy exclaimed, “That was amazing! I finally get me. Thank you… are we done? This was incredibly helpful!”

To this, I laughed and replied, “We are done the intake, we are ready to begin the work!”

Where do new results come from?

We create our own reality.

Our beliefs determine what we think.
Our thoughts create our emotions or state.
Our behaviours are limited by what states we are able to exist in.

And our results come from those behaviours.

Our beliefs and the filters we have on our life (our mindset), determine the types of thought we are able to hold in our mind… and those that we habitually hold in our mind. Those habituated thoughts can be a source of easy and effortless productivity – OR the unfortunate realization that we are consistently sabotaging ourselves.

When you truly believe you have to work hard to get ahead, you will question anything that seems easy. Then you will create ways to make your work harder through your state and actions. The result? Work is hard.

When you believe that women get no respect your thoughts will match that belief – even if it is a subconscious belief. You will think “there is no point asking for a raise.” “They will never listen to me.” “I am not right for this role.” This will effect your state – how you feel, how you present yourself. Your behaviours will match the state you are in. Hesitant, accommodating, reticent. And this creates results that prove women get no respect.

Now here is the thing. Listen. It does not matter if you can prove the belief true. IT IS NOT SUPPORTING YOU. Edit it. Clear it out so that you can show up and at least be the exception.

Make sense? Want to debate this over coffee? I would love to!

Meantime, download today’s Worksheet: NLP Coaching Model and backward engineer and then re-engineer one result you would like to see different in your life. Do it over lunch break and experience instant transformation.

Want some help with this? Bring me your One Thing to a 15 minute Fix-One-Thing-Free session. Seriously – what are you waiting for… or better yet – what belief is holding you back? You deserve this.

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