Anxious? Overwhelmed and irritable? Forgetful to the point you feel you are losing it?

Your brain is working perfectly! Just… not in the direction you would like it to be. And no wonder. Honestly, it is logical and easy to understand. But better than that, it is easy and fast to correct!! Sceptical? Let me share a little story with you.

I am not a car person, but this situation just spoke to me about… well you will see. 

This week, I borrowed my husband’s car in order to save on fuel for a longer drive. I had not even left my driveway before I knew something was wrong. As soon as I started to back up, I heard what, to me, was a deafening moan screaming out from somewhere at the front of the car. As I drove down the road (I know… you drove it anyway?! Yes I did, I was on a schedule and cars are what you drive. How is that for logic?). Anyway, as I drove down the road, the first bend I hit, the car pulled to the right in a slightly terrifying way. At the stop light, as I started, it felt like one of the wheels was going backwards! 

Since I was still alive, but obviously in a vehicle that was not going to get me where I wanted to go (metaphor intended), I limped the car over to my daughter-in-law’s place of work and borrowed her beautiful car for the day! 

When I got back to town, I rented my husband, John, a car for a few days. 

A car that works perfectly. A 2019 mumble-mumble. Hey, I said that I am not a car person right? 

Apparently a mid-range 2019 anything is pretty awesome. 

Smart, sexy, smooth. Spoiler alert… kinda like you. 

What followed though, was my husband making a lot of silly jokes to our grandson about not knowing how to operate the car and being at its mercy. 

From what if it chooses the wrong parking spot and auto-parks? (He did discover you should keep your foot on the brake, lol)
To, I need to have my hands on the wheel? (YES!!)
To, what if my bum gets too hot? (Oh, dear)

This got our grandson “teaching” John that he was in control of what the car did – but that he needed to learn how to use this new vehicle. So Xavier pulled the manual out of the glovebox.

Even though he did not understand it yet, everything was working perfectly and it was logical. Listening to a child teach how to drive is a metaphor all of its own… so we went there! 

  • John could let the car assist in driving but…
  • He needed to choose and program in a destination. 
  • He needed to put fuel in. And the right fuel!
  • He need to continue to give the vehicle ongoing guidance. 
  • He needed to learn to turn on the wipers to keep his vision clear. 
  • And, if he didn’t turn on the headlights, he would be struggling to find his way in the dim running lights – and it could be so much easier!

Your brain is beautiful, sleek, sexy and working perfectly. Just maybe not in the direction you want. Like someone else has been pushing your buttons and programming your GPS. 

And stress has been flooding your brain with the wrong fuel. 

Okay, enough metaphor-ing. I hear you!

Everything terrible that you are experiencing can be, and will be, caused or exacerbated by excess stress. 

Forgetfulness. Yelling at people you care about. Feeling uninspired, irritable, scared, alone. 

Your brain is bathing in a bath of adrenaline and cortisol. 

Under stress, your cortex and pre-frontal cortex are offline much of the time – which is a problem because that is where your personality is, your sense of self, the resources that make you feel human. Patience, trust, joy, creativity, humour, connection, hope, problem-solving. 

Those would be pretty handy right now!

Is it time for a tune-up?

Seriously, I have lived that way and worse. Which is how I discovered the user manual and the tools to get back on track so you can enjoy the drive. If you want this for yourself, we can turn this car around and heading in the right direction in 30 days. 30 days! 

30 days to clear out triggered anxiety, imposter syndrome, overwhelm and dread. 

30 days to reclaim focus, purpose, boundaries, joy. 

So, like John, you can deal with problems you have been putting off and suffering with. Why on earth was he driving his car that way?!