In Born to Win, Zig Ziglar identifies that there are 3 keys all leaders must have are: Vision, Persuasion and Action. And as you think on this statement, imagine vision without action, or action without vision! And of course vision and action without persuasion means you are not leading, you are taking that walk alone.

I say this often and yet, let me restate: We are all leaders. In our families, our service groups, our organizations. Even if we do not realize it. Even if you are single. Even if you are solopreneur. You are a leader – you are already having an impact on the people around you.
Let that sink in – you are already having an impact on the people around you.

Vision = Focus

Your life is filtered by what you allow into your focus. The opportunities you see. The people who are attracted to you and that you connect with. Your vision allows you to open up to those resources around you that relate to your vision – building a bigger and bigger impact.

Is the impact you are having deliberate? Is it what you would like it to be?

Or are there opportunities for positive impact slipping by each day? Maybe because you have never before realized that you are a lead. Maybe because you hesitate to step up and step in. Maybe because you aren’t sure what you want to achieve? Maybe because you are afraid that you don’t have the right.

So why does Zig Ziglar say that Vision is an essential facet of Leadership?

What blows away those excuses (those limiting beliefs, if I may)? One essential tool is the strength of a powerful three-year vision (often in the context of a life’s passion – but not necessarily).

The work we need to do today is generally not very exciting. And yet, when we see where it fits into our three year vision – the casual impact of the tiny tasks that build upon each other to create that powerful vision, there is where we find the motivation to do what would otherwise be mundane – and so easy to put off.

Slight Edge (Boring) Actions Bring your Vision to Reality

Slight edge actions are those actions that are very easy to do and yet very easy to put off till tomorrow. They are not urgent. And often they don’t even seem important. But much like the rungs of a ladder each one is need to get to where we are heading.

Each day that we stay focused on our vision we feel more motivated and we have the energy and resources to achieve those steps.

This is why it is so very powerful to build an extremely vivid vision. Make it real, build up the emotion, create a picture of what success in your vision will look like, sound like, feel like, taste like… smell like?

Vivid Vision is the source of energy and motivation. Vision is also filled with anticipation, joy, excitement and happiness.

When you think of how you want to live your life from day to day, isn’t it more wonderful with all of those things? Vision, energy, motivation, anticipation, joy, excitement, happiness.

They all become a reality when you follow the process to design your powerful vision and then install it into your very being. In this way it carries you from moment to moment on a current of joy.

Why wouldn’t you identify your powerful 3-year vision?!

Actually – there are ways to answer “Why not?”

I don’t know how to create a vision.
I am afraid I will feel/look foolish.
What if I create a vision and fail?
What if I create a vision and succeed?

When you think back to all of the moments that really stand out in which you felt really alive, were any of them identified by comfort?
To be truly alive and step into our purpose, live a life without regrets, we need to take risks. On the other side of risk is where all of the good stuff resides.

I have a lot of clients who want to live a bigger life for whom the fear of others’ opinions is one of the only things holding them back.
And, would you believe there are solutions for everything? : )
First – realize that all of the people you have ever admired, truly admired and respected, got there by willing to risk looking foolish – at first. They had not yet proven they could “do it” when they took the first steps on their path either. And then they failed. Usually many times. They made a lot of bad decisions before the good ones started to show up. You know what they say, “how do you lear to make good decisions? By the experience gained from making bad decisions.”

People who never look foolish are not taking wise risks. They are not taking risks.

So how do you build your personal life vision, and from that your 3-year vision for the organization you are serving?
These are some of my favourite coaching conversations as I ask some questions that help you dig deeper into your authenticity (some would say, your unconscious or your creative core) to discover the patterns and passion and purpose that runs like a thread through your life and your very being.

Worksheet and Activities on Personal Vision

To get a taste of this, download this worksheet below, 2StepVision, from my 12-week Leadership Coaching program and try out an activity or two to stimulate your vision. Be sure to set aside a chunk of time and continue for the full time – don’t stop when the ideas don’t start flowing right away! And don’t stop as soon as you have something on that blank white page 🙂 I suggest an hour – meditate on each activity first, imagine exactly what your future and that of your family, your organization and your community are like when this vision comes to fruition.

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I would love to hear your vision! Or better yet – help you craft yours to be truly powerful and inspiring. Share your vision in the comments, by email or give me a call!