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Resourced, Resilient, Motivated – for Women delivers a ‘power-full’ mindset of confidence, generosity, boundaries, energy and motivation.

Think about your best day ever in business.

What if you could be intentional and have those days “on-demand”? What would your business look like? It would transform wouldn’t it?

Instead of a handful of awesome days a year you could deliberately design days filled with energy and confidence – that don’t deplete you.

These mind-body tools will transform your life.

  • Mindful leadership
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Get rid of anxiety. Step into your poise & power.

Discover how you’re standing in your own way… and how to stop!

  • Experience the power of mindful leadership
  • Clear your limiting beliefs
  • Choose new, more effective strategies
  • Turn procrastination into Motivation
  • Learn the secrets to achieving your growth goals.
  • Get more clients and more profits with less frustration and more confidence.
  • Program your business goals into your unconscious mind & achieve 10,000x focus.

This workshop runs from 9-3 with time afterward for Q & A on your specific questions. Bring your lunch. Coffee, tea and water provided.

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