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Access the power of your unconscious mind. Self-hypnosis is an active mind-body process that allows you to slip behind your critical faculty and program in powerful suggestions for habit change, confidence and well-being.

Receive your pre-course kit instantly when you register:

  • Workbook
    • Building Powerful Personal Hypnotic Suggestions
    • Success Imagery Design
  • MP3s
    • What is Hypnosis – terminology, theory (20 min)
    • Get to Know your Unconscious Mind – activities, suggestibility tests, play! (20 min)
    • Full Healing Hypnosis track (30 min)

This day is a fun-filled day of imagination, creation and empowerment.

February 3, 2018

Registration @ 9:30am

10:00 am 5:00 pm

While building on the theory from the pre-course, we quickly dive into experience. Includes all materials.

Discount when paying online in advance. Online Payment
Note, if you choose to continue on to take the Certified Hypnotherapist weekend training, this amount is discounted from your weekend course.

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