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Consciously trying to change a behaviour is generally doomed to failure. New Years Resolution stats tend to peg it at 80% failure by the second week of February. And, this is not because you are weak or lazy… it is science. Neuroscience is advancing by leaps and bounds and the techniques that allow us to work with your brain programming are getting faster and simpler. Remember how we used to think the way to install a new habit was to practice it religiously for 21 days? or 30 days? or 60 days? It turns out, that is not how the brain works. At the unconscious level we can access the operating system and make the edits you design – all while you are awake and completely in control and aware. (no quacking like a duck required in modern hypnosis)

Fix One Thing – because this can be hard to believe, I offer a complementary service that allows you to experience the power of deliberately creating change at the unconscious level. Instant habit editing that happens easily and effortlessly through a tool that edits the strategy at the physiological (natural and automatic) level.

Just contact me by text, phone or email – or book your “Fix one Thing” session through my online booking calendar. Then you just need to think of a problem. This may be a life situation, business situation, emotion, triggered behaviour or habit. During this fun session we will use language and tools of the unconscious mind to fix that one thing.