The year is far from over! What will you do with the last quarter?

Why do I recommend a 90-Day Sprint, and to whom?

A time-limited, focused drive toward a goal will teach you things about your own abilities that you deserve to learn. That you are strong, capable, powerful, effective.

When you test yourself in any fashion, the resources that you need bubble up inside you and show up in your world as opportunities.

Who would benefit most? Anyone with a business in which you know what you sell, to whom and understand your value. If this is still a challenge for you, get really clear on that first.

I have a full day workshop to help you ramp up on this!

When you know that you know what you do, you can focus on what you want more of. More of the ideal client, more sales of a particular package, more upsells, more resells, more referrals.

And if you want more, you deserve to discover how to get that more faster, easier and with more fun and energy, right?

If you say YES! then join me in a free 14 day challenge that launches that 90 day sprint from Vision through Goal, Strategy, Actions and Habits and builds in a little tracking and a lot of support and celebration.

What does it take to get ready for a 90-Day Sprint?

Commitment. You may have been thinking time, baby-sitters, strategy, resources, new pencils : ) And those have a place in a 90-Day Sprint. They do. (Say – have a look at  This is the new software I am using to time block in all of the projects that I want to fit into “the regular stuff”. I will share more on that in a couple of weeks.)

Committing to any goal is the real key to achieving it. Taking it from a Wish Bone to a Back Bone as Marg used to say.

When you are committed, anything else become moot.

It is non-negotiable.

It is going to happen.

No question, no second-guessing, nothing to consider or think about.


So that means… yikes! it needs to be the “right” goal, doesn’t it?

A goal that fits into your 3-year vision and that you know beyond a doubt is a great investment of your time.

That level of certainty helps you dump the energy-drain of doubt and feel excited and powerful.

Day one of my 14 day challenge works to check in on that 3-Year Vision and make sure it has the energy needed to fill you up. Day two we identify the one key goal that, if you do it this year, all but guarantees that that 3-Year Vision succeeds!

When you focus on your Vision, it becomes pretty obvious what the landmark goals are that lead to it’s success. You may have heard of this as backward-engineering – but you don’t need to be an engineer! All you really need is a commitment to that Vision that allows you to invest time in imagining what steps need to be taken to get there.

Those steps are often Quantum Leaps. Thus they need to be planned – they don’t happen through gradual, incremental hard work. Rather, they are exponential changes in how you think, focus and act that result in the new direction. Often a Quantum Leap is a lot easier than doing business as usual and is the source of “Work Smarter – not Harder” results.

So let’s make sure you are leaping in a direction desired! You may want to use my “15 Minutes Fix One Thing Free” offer to hammer this down.

If so, give me a call. My cell# is 705-896-1370