This question comes up a lot.

What is a business coach? or How does business coaching work?

This is often followed by: “I only ask because it seems like everyone says they are a coach these days.”

Okay, yes. That is a real issue. And it can be hard to describe exactly what I do because you are not a clone of every other entrepreneur out there. Your needs will be different from everyone else.
You are, however, human. So there will be some needs you have in common.

So let’s look at three things to explain “What is a coach?” Core Benefits, Core Transformation, Overall Process (within reason).

Core Benefits

Core benefits – as a coach, my focus is in helping clients achieve new things. This includes identifying an authentic vision first so that your big audacious goals are also authentic and move you in a deliberate and exciting direction. This also means that you can make decisions with confidence.
We craft a plan to bridge the gap from here to there, identify skills and resources you will need and equip you with them. We identify and deal with all of the obstacles head on and proactively.
When the “obstacle” is you, we work on mindset to make rapid change together (no will-power or white-knuckling! let’s make this fun and easy) through hypnosis, meditation and guided-visualization tools.

Clarity, Velocity, Support & Accountability, Emotional Intelligence, Persuasion, and Time. Time and attention devoted to building your beautiful future.

Your Transformation

Core transformation – an energized, confident, powerful presence in your business community. Motivation, certainty, pride, resilience, joy, trust (in yourself). Poise and mindfulness. An attitude of “I’ve got this.”
Also the ability to work smarter and have more time freedom. Stop reacting and tackle that anxiety. Removing anxiety and reducing stress, valuing yourself and taking back your time – life is so much better.


I offer a couple of key one-on-one coaching programs depending on your needs.

30 days to Mindset Transformation | 6 Months to Success

Both of them start with an intake session.

Both of them are followed by designing and agreeing on powerful, fabulous, solid, SMART outcomes for the work we will do together. Guaranteed.

After that we diverge into your actual driving needs. We will do mindset work, goal engineering and backward-engineering, communications/marketing work generally, accountability tools and support. We will generally install new habits, new rituals into your day, week, year. We will often look at client process, sales “script”, personality.

And we start, with an intake. Often at the end of an intake, new clients feel elated. Not just because they have decided to reject false limits and finally achieve that goal they have been dreaming about.

They gain clarity.

The intake interview is also called “motivational interviewing” and “conversational change”.

During the intake we start slow with a deceptively simple question. “Why are you here?”

A lot is going on with that one question. Because we are setting aside space, time, focus and loving energy on solution. And that means it is time to deal with, really deal with, the issues that have been holding you back.

Your unconscious mind responds with energy, motivation, creativity and excitement. Like a child on Christmas morning: “Yay!” We are finally going to fix this mess.

After that “simple” question. I follow it up with: “And what else?” 

We have a saying in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) “If you can name it, that ain’t it.”

That said, I am listening for the deeper meaning underneath for you. Being that third party set of eyes and ears as we delve into the real problem.

We will keep going on the “And what else?” track until you have emptied out all of the frustrations and fears.

On my end I am listening.

Listening for:

  • false dichotomies – ie. black and white thinking
  • false beliefs
  • false limits
  • negative emotions (unwarranted especially)
  • skills gaps
  • broken strategies

After that, I get you to teach me how to do your problem. Really.If I had to be you for the day, how do I know it is time to do that problem?We map it out: what is it that you see that tells you it is time to ________, and then what do you tell yourself, and then how do you feel, and what is next?

Building Awareness
This conversation naturally reframes the “problem” and reveals resources and ideas that change your thinking (and doing) right away. Awareness is miraculous.Usually we will also go on to discover who you are modelling or compensating for from childhood. This can help easily release those old, unhelpful ideas easily and effortlessly.

And that is the intake.

The next step, for most humans, is doing a mindset reset. Cleaning out that old baggage. Limiting beliefs, triggered emotions and anxiety, doubts and fears. And building new resources in mindset. This gives us a powerful starting point to dig into those new goals.

What would that look like for you? I would be happy to chat with you and we can find out if this is exactly what you have been missing to move forward powerfully in your venture.