When you finally clear away the wrong-thinking, cliched nonsense about what makes a great sales person; when you clear up the twisted stereotypes of what an introvert actually is…

You discover that introverts are some of the greatest entrepreneurs, leaders and yes, salespeople.

Which is why, if you are an introvert, my 14 day challenge is really for you. In 14 days, you set a massive values and vision-driven goal for a 90-day sprint. A goal that is authentic, deliberate… and doable!
And it will involve a sales goal.

Think back to a time when you purchased something, a time that you enjoyed and did not get buyer’s remorse.

What was in that interaction that is usually missing?

If you are like most people you will share a few common things:

  • I felt listened to.
  • The sales person took the time to listen.
  • I felt like my needs were important.
  • I was treated with respect.
  • There was no pressure.
  • I was treated like I mattered.
  • I learned some great things.
  • I discovered a solution I had not known even existed.
  • I was made to feel like I was important – not the sale.

Great sales interactions require a salesperson with a fairly clear set of characteristics.

  • Patience
  • Preparation
  • Curiosity
  • Listening Skills
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Focus
  • Presence
  • Empathy
  • Desire to Help

Why do you need the 14-Day Challenge? 

Top Ten Reasons:

  1. Because introverts tend to be more driven by fear of loss than desire for money – unless your vision is pumped up and powerful.
  2. Because that also means you need to create artificial deadlines and accountability to motivate you.
  3. Because introverts need to be authentically living their values in their business and this feeds them energy to step outside and promote their solution.
  4. Because introverts need to set their own criteria for what sales means – and it needs to be centred on helping and impact.
  5. Because introverts need to leverage what works and discard the rest in order to protect their energy.
  6. Because introverts benefit immensely from advanced preparation and process.
  7. Because now that the lies are cleared away, you deserve to discover and live from your strengths.
  8. Because you have always thought – I have something great to offer and it should be easier… and you are right.
  9. Because you feel like you have tried everything… and you have not.
  10. Because you have a purpose to live.

And because the content is fantastic, and it is still free for 2019. Why not finally value yourself as an introvert entrepreneur and design a business that fills you up instead of draining you?