Today’s post takes what can seem like wishing and magic and turns it into a mathematical and logical result.

Yes, Goal Achievement.

Note: If you do have not already committed to a solid 3-year vision that resonates right down to your toes, stop. Go back to that post and get “on purpose”.

Setting a goal certainly is a key step in ending up where you want to be.

To explore how to add energy to your goal, you need to dig a little deeper – inside.

Have you made a decision to pursue this goal?

If yes, have you created space for this goal through the Three Operational Principles

1. Belief____________________________        

2. Desire____________________________

3. Visualization____________________________

Energize that Goal

Why is this goal so vital to your growth?
What will you be doing or not doing that is different from what you are doing now?

Can you describe success with all five of your senses?

Goal Manifestation

How ready are you for this goal? ie Four Cornerstones of Manifestation in the worksheet below.


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