In your natural state you are confident.


Some days that may sound like a big lie, but I have to say it again. Confidence is your natural state of being.

So are energy and joy.

If you are not experiencing that as a truth most of the time, you have bunch of baggage and lies that are getting in the way of reality. (yes, yes Devil’s Advocate, there are times when life really does suck situationally)

If you have ever said, it should be easier, you are right. And discovering how it can be easier, can be a very fun conversation.

When you have confidence in abundance and on-demand, your world is on track. (Doing that is another fun conversation) And yet, there are still some things that can get in the way of joy, energy and velocity.

The solutions don’t sound sexy. But the transformation that you achieve is very sexy – ask my husband. The sense of powerful, authentic, joy-filled and on-purpose self that finally has a chance to show up when you clear away the crap is very attractive.

And, the gaps are easy to bridge. They take some work, some practice and some coaching, and they are easy to bridge. Let’s look at what gets in the way:

  • Not being Decisive
    • Not setting boundaries
    • No Vision for the Future
    • Lack of Commitment and Patience
  • Lack of Skills (and a fixed mindset around those skills)
    • How to Achieve Goals
    • How to Communicate
    • How to Sell
  • Emotions (and difficulty regulating stress and emotions)
    • Procrastination, lack of motivation
    • Anxiety, Depression, Nervousness, Imposter Syndrome, Lack of Confidence

On this website, and in my breakthrough program, you will find that bridging these gaps can be achieved through a variety of skills and tools.

Decision making is actually a skill, like negotiation or sales – it can be taught. In order to make a sound decision that you feel truly confident in you also need to have a vision for your purpose filled and authentic life. All confident decisions hinge on that. You need to know where you actually want to be going in order to make decisions that you don’t question. Yes, all decisions still hold some risk, but if you are caught in a spiral of hesitation and second-guessing, chances are this is the key to spiral up instead of down! Doubt, anxiety and worry are sure to be sapping your energy, joy and confidence.

Lack of other Skills? Goal achievement goes way beyond a vision board if you want to hit them with energy and velocity. I know – vision boards can seem almost magical. When you create them with imagination and emotion, you are actually using one pillar of the skill of goal achievement. Now imagine if you used 3 pillars, or 4, or 6!
When you have a goal, the communication ability to persuade others and inspire them helps you toward social implementation. Assertiveness and confidence go a long way toward bigger impact. Quick instant impact increase: Write out your goal in a positive way (delete any instances of the words “just” or “try”). Look in the mirror and say it out loud. Make eye contact. Remove any sound of questioning from your voice. Got it? great! Now go say it to 10 more people.

Okay, I admit it, it is all skills and strategies. Emotional regulation is a skill too. It all starts with learning how to create calm. Stress hijacks our ability to self-regulate… and then no amount of self-talk will quiet the jangles of emotion. Massively powerful tip? Start with the stress levels in your body, your emotions will follow!
Heart-centered breathing, mindful meditation in which you focus on the actions of compassion and gathering the mind both help. Be sure to sit upright and lower your chin slightly. Lower your shoulders as well to create a space between the ears and shoulders. Both of these open the vagus nerve and put your body into peace (parasympathetic nervous system).

Which of these skills will make the biggest impact in your business? I would love to help you pinpoint your biggst leverage point today. Imagine what you could accomplish!