When I was a little girl I wanted to be an archaeologist. I loved the appeal of mystery (without the danger. At that time, the Mummy movies didn’t exist). Literally uncovering clues by digging through the dirt. Figuring out how those people lived, what they cared about.  Discovery! Brilliant treasures. Getting a glimpse into people’s lives from understanding how the clues fit together… I also wanted to be a psychiatrist, lol. I was little! I did not see any conflict with these two careers!

And as I look at that combination today – they actually do go together. Uncovering the mystery of people, the brilliant treasure hidden under the crap.

The work I do as a coach is a lot like that combination. Looking for clues in your words to uncover your brilliance and the hurdles and obstacles that are blocking your brilliance.
Like a mystery, the clues are there. They are in your results, the limits you take on, the words you use to share your problems, the emotions, the beliefs you have about time, money, struggle. The rules you believe that the world runs under. The real clues are in your results.

Bob Proctor says, “results always tell the truth”. Your results can tell us what beliefs you have. Because your beliefs lead to thoughts, thoughts lead to emotions, emotions (state) determines your behaviour… and behaviour determines results.

Are you happy with those results? Do you have a plan under way to change them? Because it follows that if you change your beliefs, you change your results. Believe it or not, it is a heck of a lot easier to change your beliefs than it is to try to work on the behaviour. There are tools that allow us to reprogram those beliefs to be authentic to who you are, and what you aspire to achieve. And any belief that contradicts your vision was installed by someone else.

Any belief that contradicts your vision was installed by someone else.

Beliefs come from the past. If you were ever a child, you have limiting, false beliefs!

Ever notice that when you are feeling insecure, anxious and overwhelmed, you feel like you are 3, 5, 7 years old? There is a good reason for that. Your brain stores similar data in a single strand. A gestalt of memories of meaning and emotion and beliefs. And those categories are created and organized by a small child. Because that is when they started.

As an adult, you have the opportunity to unpack and reframe those beliefs so the real truth can be revealed. Your authentic self can come forth and breathe.

These beliefs run our lives at an unconscious level. And even when consciously we know these negative thoughts and self-talk are untrue, our unconscious program runs automatically. Those emotions are triggered.

Working with mindset is about allowing our full abilities to surface. Clearing away beliefs and triggered emotions and choosing a new empowered way of being. From this state, we choose new behaviours instantly. Not through will-power, reminding ourselves, just naturally.

One of the reasons it can be so hard to free ourselves of our problems is because we mistakenly believe them to be our personality. “It’s just the way I am.”

Your beliefs can change (they do all of the time).

New beliefs open up your world.

Our brains filter out 99% of our world. Filtered by our beliefs, our focus, our goals, our state of mind.

To create a new future, identify the beliefs that will lead to your vision with velocity. Then install that vision and those beliefs in your Reticular Activating System (RAS) That part of your brain that you program to see is important to you. That part of your brain that chooses what to notice. Then you can start noticing all of the resources and opportunities that already surround you that will help you achieve that vision.

Beliefs that feel very true and real, may not even be yours.
Anything that your inner voice says that gets in the way of your vision is a false belief installed in your mind by someone else.

During our intake conversation, I help you uncover those false beliefs. Those things that you may think are reality, rules of life, fact. I can hear them. And, I can hear the lie in them. Oh… and we can clear them out.

Worksheet (without a worksheet) Just get a blank piece of paper.

Try this for yourself.

  1. Write down a big goal you had for this year that you did not achieve.  Write it. Did you write it down? good.
  2. Next, write down why you did not achieve it.
  3. Now if you cheated and chose a goal that you decided wasn’t big enough or was not in tune with your vision go back to step 1 and choose a goal you actually wanted to achieve!

Now look at all of those “reasons”. Those are your beliefs. The lack of results did not create those beliefs.

The lack of results did not create those beliefs.

Those beliefs created the lack of results.

No wonder you did not achieve the goal.

We all do this to ourselves. And this is such a handy way to uncover what we are doing! Ready to dig some more? Let’s chat!