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After 2 crazy weeks with BNI and Town Council wrapping our heads around our current reality with COVID-19, I am putting together a semblance of “business as usual”.

I love face to face meetings. I have a lot of empathy and creativity that work well in the “real” world.

And now the real world seems to have changed on me.

People living in this new real world are wise and conscientious enough to NOT do face to face meetings. And thank goodness, right? Yet, I find myself struggling a bit to transform my business to online, zoom and telephone coaching. I have amazing clients. I have the technology.

I know, we are all in the same boat, pivoting our sales and service to a social distancing world.

But, that doesn’t make it easy!

And, it’s not just that I prefer face-to-face because of my personality… though I do.

I miss my office. OfficeInc! is not considered a non-essential service. As an introvert, I love the quiet and order of going to my office. As I step through that door, I instantly step into a different mindset. Why? because I built and installed that mindset. My door frame at my office is installed in my unconscious mind as a ring of gold light (it looks kind of like Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth to be honest) that washes away tiredness, doubt, and imposter syndrome and installs confidence, curiosity, courage, compassion… hmm a lot of “c” resources.

And my home office? My husband is a health care worker. He works Emerg at Guelph General. So when he comes home, he takes advantage of the separate apartment that was my home office so he can isolate himself from the family. So, no home office for now. (and no cuddling)

I also have a 13 year old, Xavier, who is home constantly. I know, “of course”. And yet, just because every other parent is in the same boat as me

So yes, I can install that anchor of powerful states on my bedroom door. And I can build a routine that includes time with Xavier and the fact that he requires constant supervision due to his special needs.

But I also have to be realistic.

We ARE living in a pandemic. And planning and delivery are not separate steps!

“We are building the plane as we are flying it.” Amanda – Barrie EDC

And I suspect you, like me, are trying to figure it out too.

I choose to adjust my 2020 goals.

I choose to examine how I want to spend my time, and perhaps even new services that I could create now that I have so much time.

I can choose to ask for help.

My daughter and her little boy live in the other apartment in my home. We are cooking together, trading off time alone so that I can still do Zoom and Phone meetings. Say… perhaps I could use some self-care time in there too.

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How can I help you?

You may have seen jokes like “As an introvert, I have been preparing for this my whole life,” but,

as an introvert, I still need people, friends and family, so I need to schedule in time for talks and even walks. My husband and I go for walks still… I walk almost in the ditch and he walks almost in the middle of the road so we can maintain at least 6’ distance.

There are some other things I have been doing as well that you may want to adopt:

What is essential?

This is a crazy time, but an opportunity for you to notice: What is essential. No, I don’t mean an essential service out there, but in your business. What is:

  • an essential expense in your business?
  • an essential activity that you must keep doing? (vs noticing what activities are not needed now and may will not be needed in the future)
  • the essence of the benefits you provide through your business.

Notice that many of your meetings are not essential – they can actually be achieved through a phone call, text or email. This is a great discovery to keep for after the crisis!

Notice that your clients and customers are being forced to embrace and become comfortable with new technologies. You can send them files and presentations online. You can meet with them on Zoom!

This new tech-savvy ability will be a new normal after the pandemic.

Manage your time.

Create your new routine.

Get dressed for work.

Create a transition for not-work. Life gets more surreal and confusing when our time is undefined.

Manage your environment.

Create a space for work, a space for self-care. De-clutter if you need to. Re-arrange the furniture to set up spaces for this time of self-isolation that may be different and accommodate this current reality.

Don’t judge yourself harshly. Half of small businesses do not have the liquidity to service 30 days.

Even more cannot grow during crisis… so adjust your goals to something more relevant right now.

… and be kind to yourself.

Meditate on loving-kindness

Manage your State. Remember a time when you were calm and confident. A specific time. As you remember that time, step into that memory as though it were happening right now

Limit the news you are exposing yourself to.

Note that your brain has a tendency to negative bias – it looks for and focuses on danger. It is designed this way in order to keep you safe. So consider what is essential news, get your quick update on the negative and then deliberately expose yourself to positive news.

Schedule your worry time.

As Mark Twain said, “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

If you find worry creeping in at all hours of the day and night, actually book 15-30 minutes of intense worry time into your day… say at 3:45. Then, if it is not Worry Time, when a worry comes up, tell yourself “It is not time for this, I will worry about that at 3:45.” and get back to what you were doing. Then actually do the worrying on schedule. Look it fun in the face, play it out right to the end – best case and worst case scenarios. Make a list. Draw pictures. Journal about it. Write until the negative stops, till it is all on the paper and your mind is able to see things other than the worry.

Your goal is to get the worry out of your body and onto paper so that your brain knows you have done the task.

Look at your list of worries. Which ones can you make a difference with? What powerful questions can you create around those?

Take advantage of government supports.

There are opportunities for financing to pivot – what real benefit do you offer that people still want? Can you deliver it virtually?

This “new normal” is a level challenge – we are all going through it.

Please help each other learn how to get comfortable with this new technology. Practice with your referral partners, your clients, your family.

Take Time for Self-Care

Building self-care into your daily routine ensures it happens as a non-negotiable item… like brushing your teeth in the morning. Even with self-isolation and physical distancing, brushing your teeth is still non-negotiable, right?

Practice self-compassion: Self-Compassion Meditation