I would like to introduce you to Jennifer – she is intelligent, resourceful and caring. Jennifer came to me stuck and struggling with stuck emotions and limiting beliefs that were getting in the way of her beautiful, resourceful, authentic self.

As soon as we cleared those out of the way and chose some empowering strategies and vision, her transformation was almost magical. After working with Jenn, one of my favourite things was to bump into her and hear her say: “It still keeps getting better. Each day I am discovering more resources inside me!”

Here is Jennifer’s story in her words:

“Sounds like a tall tale, and I would never have believed this difference in one’s internal repetitious thoughts which effect one’s outlook on life could be effectively and persistently re-programmed, and in such a short amount of time; until this experience happened to me.

Having recently been through terrible heart-break, moving to a new town and beginning a new job, I was feeling overwhelmed & low.  My negative thought patterns had followed me.  I was acutely aware that I needed to change my way of thinking & being in the world, but how?  My mental anguish and negative thoughts wound tight circles around my heart and spirit, which pulled me down deeper into despair.  I was stuck.

Cher’s precise set of skill set lead me to re-learn self trust.  She gave me a tool to immediately calm my energy and ground myself when I am feeling overwhelmed.  She taught me to place boundaries on my time, energy and money, so as not to feel guilty when I say no!  These (plus many more) tools and teachings lead me down a pathway to allow self respect, allow dreams for myself, allow light back into my life!

The process doesn’t stop after working with Cher.  The neural pathways in the brain keep changing, becoming deeper and permanent.  What Cher changed to possibilities, gradually became realities!  Now I have more happiness, more energy, positivity, I’m more engaged in life, my passions and my professional life has taken off!  I have clarity in my personal goals and professional goals.

If you want to change the way you exist in this world, and be better, then I highly recommend Cher.  If you are wondering if this is real, or if you’re just undecided, get out of your own way and get off that fence.  As soon as you connect and work with Cher, you’ll be so glad you did, and wonder why you waited.”

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Thompson 

Sales Representative, REMAX Georgian Bay Realty Ltd  (Hwy 93)