We all know that we need more leaders. And that we need more women in leadership.

So who is a leader? Some of the answers are obvious: upper management, C-suite, Executive Directors of non-profits, politicians… others are not so obvious: entrepreneurs, volunteers, committee members, service groups, mothers.

Whether you accept it or not – you are a leader. Someone, somewhere is looking to you to be a role model, a guidepost, an inspiration. When you truly understand and embrace this, everything has more meaning and purpose. Your ability to make a difference multiplies.

Every organization wants to be able to show the world and its employees that women are strong and valued members of the leadership team. Organizations want to support women in excelling and growing into these exciting and essential roles.

We know that women leaders can bring a great deal to the table.  We also know that women need a different style of encouragement to pursue and then lean into their leadership roles, and more opportunity to discuss their role, thoughts, and decisions so they can develop their potential.

Fatigue, imposter syndrome, doubt, anxiety, burnout, feelings of not enough…

Women in our society are nurtured in a way that makes it likely for them to fall prey to these issues – and especially when working in a helping role like a leadership position.

I believe that women are needed in leadership roles, and that they need to approach those roles as women – not be squished into a male definition of leadership. That said, I strive to equip women to embrace and excel in these positions alongside of men. I take women in leadership from feeling weak, intimidated and overpowered by anxiety to feeling powerful, confident and effective. I help women realize they are super heroes that can take permission to lead… from where they are.

To do this I help clients overcome anxiety and create a mindset that includes skills and beliefs that build resilience, mindfulness, emotional mastery, and confidence. I also work with them on skills that all leaders need: boundary setting, decision making, collaboration, negotiation and presentation.

I don’t try to turn women into male-style leaders. I help them embrace what is inside them that allows them to be a strong leader in their own right. With their own curiosity, insight, passion and style.

As a mind-body focused coach I help people think about thinking, separate emotion from reality and equip them with the user manual for their brain.

Zig Ziglar said there are three aspects to strong leadership:

  • vision
  • persuasion
  • action

To achieve these facets, there are some key mindsets and skillsets needed.

My new Women in Leadership Group Coaching program (the details of which are enclosed) will propel your women leaders toward success, as they discover vision, competence, and resilience, and learn to communicate and lead with both heart and mind… as well as voice.

In a 2017 KPMG study women said that

  •  leadership training (57%),
  •  confidence-building (56%),
  •  decision-making (48%),
  •  networking (47%), and
  •  critical-thinking (46%)
    are the most important aspects of supporting and preparing women to pursue leadership roles.