Should you continue promoting your business during Corona? 


Confused seeking clarity and plan to move forward? Is it okay to keep building your business? What about the state of emergency? Shut-downs? Social Distancing? Is this selfish? I know, I struggle with this too.  But , you started your business for a reason – and let me clarify, we are not talking about profiting from the crisis but about continuing to serve the customers and clients who need you during the crisis. We are at the tip of the COVID surge and people may still feel like this is all going to end on April 6th when they think kids are going to get to go back to school.

But SARS disrupted the economy for 6 months, and we got off easy. We already have 4 times the cases of COVID as there were of SARS in Canada. I have spent a lot of this week working on Corona Virus response – from learning how to run our BNI meeting with the new BNIOnline platform to making decisions at the Town of Midland – both as chair of our HR committee as well as a member of council. 

Communication during this time of crisis is important.

Life continues even though it all feels so surreal. Your business has been disrupted. And this too shall pass. How will you get through? Keep reading, I have some ideas 😉 
You can and should still make a profit from what you offer. There is no need to become a charity. Our economy has a structure to it that requires that money move. To you, and from you. Keep it circulating. The circulation of money represents value being passed too! Ask yourself great and powerful questions. How can I continue to connect with and provide real value to my clients in this time?

What is a new way to add benefit to my existing clients that will allow them to get more enjoyment from things they have already purchased from me? 

How can I use this time to pivot, plan for the future, take care of all of those things I didn’t have time for before?
Can I take this time to get comfortable with technology I have avoided in the past? How will that integrate with, and even massively improve, my process when the crisis is over?

What do my customers NEED from me right now? 
•    Come up with creative ways to reach out to your customers 
•    Come up with creative ways to find potential customers during this time
•    Find creative ways to connect with them during this time
•    Consider fast ways of creating online shopping and services 

Talk to your business coach, mentor and associates to brainstorm solutions that will work for you. Maybe not ideas that you are currently comfortable with… but ideas that with practice, you can grow comfortable with. 

Case in Point   A realtor I am working with in Barrie is responding to this situation by pivoting into safe and responsible ways to help people with their home buying and selling needs.

She is offering Virtual one-on-one Home Tours and Virtual Open Houses using data on her phone and the Zoom app to escort buyers through homes.  Which means she is getting lots of practice with Zoom and YouTube.

She is sharing ideas on how to declutter and stage your home yourself during this time – goodness knows the more I am stuck in my house, the more I don’t want to share it with  a juicer and a spare toaster oven!
I wonder if she would let me take advantage of her free dumpster offer from Dump-n-Move (I will sell my home… someday).

She is sharing ideas for how to plan your re-decorating without leaving the home using Pinterest Boards and websites that are inspiring.

I wonder if she would share ideas on how to get kids to use the next two weeks to spring clean?!Learning to use and then get comfortable with technology that lets you come closer to face to face communication is important – granted it was important months ago too. It has just become essential. What do you NEED from me right now?

How can you stay present with your customers and potential customers?

  • working on your website content,
  • adding to your FAQs,
  • sharing ideas and advice,
  • how-to videos,
  • creating that pdf “white paper” freebie you have been meaning to get to,
  • building an online funnel,
  • an online course – video or email,
  • learning a new skill,
  • deepening relationships with existing customers,
  • working on marketing messages…

How would that look for you… specifically?

I am here for you.Here are some ideas that I can help you with – while still social distancing! 

  • CREATIVITY & POSITIVE PIVOT – Brainstorm innovative ways to reach the clients that need you today.
  • MARKETING WITH TECHNOLOGY – Set up marketing and sales strategies that tap into technology – create a video, course, pdf and design a funnel.
  • TECHNOLOGY COACHING – how to draft email series, connect on LinkedIN, send an email blast, use Zoom, send an invoice, accept merchant payments, put a few of your products online.
  • NETWORKING: Design a plan to build an online referral team so that you can encourage each other, build each others’ presence and have a positive focus.
  • CALM AND CENTERED -Discover anxiety reducing techniques that help you achieve calm inside the uncertainty.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY AND ENCOURAGEMENT – coaching sessions that keep your mindset strong.
  • GUEST SPEAKER – to encourage your team and share mindful leadership  or resilience workshops (pipe me in through Zoom).
  • FACILITATE – an online Mastermind to get through this pandemic period.
  • CONNECT – connect you with people and resources beyond what I offer… I know a lot of incredible people.
  • GROUP COACHING CALL – Get a group together to share ideas, how to support each other and how to promote each other to close connections and through online sharing.