Last week I talked to you about Mindfulness Meditation – one of several types of meditation that I will be sharing with you. This week we will go into a more formal practice as we use the breath to help anchor us to “this moment”. As you grow more attuned to focusing on the moment in the formal practice, that is when you will discover the resources of Mindful Meditation showing up in your daily life.

Just imagine what that will be like for you in two months’ time as you see that you have built new resources through a formal practice:

What this looks like is authenticity, charisma, maturity, professionalism, integrity, compassion.

What this feels like is confidence, strength, certainty, curiosity, expansiveness.

What this creates is emotional intelligence, openness, resilience, flexibility;

…which leads to some great features such as higher energy, awareness, respect, satisfied employees, connection, a better culture;

…and this leads to benefits such as increased productivity, a bigger impact, and more predictable results.

As you build your practice of formal mindfulness meditation, at first it will feel like a struggle. It is an evolution of experience. So just know that at first, you will feel like you are doing it wrong. That your brain isn’t cooperating. That you have monkey mind! Be reassured – the moment of returning to the breath after your mind has wandered is how you build the ability and create the new neurology! This gathering in of your mind is the practice – the workout if you will.

The exercise of pulling your mind back into this moment creates the new options in your mind so that they become an option in daily life. Instead of reacting you will discover yourself responding. Instead of being triggered, you will notice yourself focusing and building an awareness of the full situation. Instead of tunnel vision, you will discover a range of perspectives and frames that you start to see each situation through.

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