Where does motivation come from? Some days, I will admit, it seems more elusive than others. Like there is a reluctance to even get started.

“I don’t feel like recording a meditation right now.” Then the excuses: “I would be so much more valuable if I was in the mood for it, right?”

But listen, here is the thing. Emotions don’t actually come first. In ranking or in process. Doing the thing is where the confidence and motivation come from. If we always waited to feel like it, we would lead some pretty inconsistent lives.

This is one of the reasons we build rituals into our days. Our mornings become more consistent and productive when we add a routine to them. We just do the things without thinking about them. Without feeling like it. Imagine if, in order to floss your teeth, you had to feel like it! (Hmm maybe that is why my dentist is always lamenting that people won’t floss.)

When we build into our habits, environment and rituals all of the boring tasks that lead to our greater success, we can just count on doing them. Non-negotiable. As in, this is the time of day I write, floss, do sales calls, plan my coming day.

Design your life so that things get done even when you don’t “Feel Like It”.

Other times, know that you can do the thing without the emotion. It really is possible.

Some of the greatest pieces of advice I have heard when it comes to making myself get, and stay, on task have been pretty boring.

Brian Tracy: Throughout your day inject some re-starts into your motivation with the words “Back to work”.

Mindfulness training: Just say “yes” when you are feeling reluctance.

Nike: “Just do it!”

All that being said, we can actually manage how we feel. Remember that our thoughts create our feelings. So how do you choose new thoughts so you can Feel like it”?

Questions, can create new thoughts. Just eliminating the question “Why do I have to do this?” and replacing with a more powerful question can be transformative. “How can I achieve this in the most efficient way so I can get on to the more exciting stuff?” not a bad option. I am sure you can come up with a few of your own.

You can also choose to remember. Remember a time when you did feel like it. When you were committed to doing the task and getting it done. Immersing yourself in this memory will re-create the thoughts and the brain chemistry in your body right now.

Want to feel confident? Remember, with your full imagination, a time when you felt confident. Notice how you created that in your present reality?

Want to feel happy? Remember, with your full imagination, a time when you felt happy. Notice how that is different.

Want to feel motivated? you get the idea!

Today’s meditation/self-hypnosis/visualization will walk you through this further on the topic of how to “Feel Like It”. I hope you enjoy.

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