How do we “arrive at the meditation”?

Our brains are made to think. And yet, this can be frustrating to the beginner to meditation. They feel they should be “quieting the mind” and they notice that their mind is racing. It is the noticing of the mind racing and then gently guiding the mind to this moment again that is the power of the practice.

For some, grounding is a simple matter of breathing themselves into the belly with diaphragmatic breaths.

For others, just imagining that you have roots of energy extending into the ground, right to the core of the earth from the core of your being. Sensing that your energy is connected to the earth as those roots grow stronger and feeling the energy that you are able to pull in through those roots as they extend strong and deep into the ground.

Grounding is an exercise that helps you feel yourself appearing suddenly alive in just this moment. It is a profound and immediate shift that you will grow to recognize as you do it as a formal practice.

You will also being noticing this ‘arrival in the current moment’ feeling throughout the day as you suddenly notice you are completely focused on the conversation you are in – attuned to the speaker. You may discover it as you step into a room, or out into the sun and a warm breeze, or when you notice that you are bored and pull yourself into that moment of boredom and enjoy it. (More on choosing 5 minutes of boredom as a tool for focus and organization next week.)


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