The antidote to anxiety is cultivating boredom. Allowing yourself to sit in deliberate boredom. This is not something we do in our culture today, and yet it is such a luxury as well as a powerful exercise of gathering your thoughts, spending time in the cortex and pre-frontal cortex and accessing those resources.

Benefits – so many.

If you schedule in boredom for 5 minutes before you leave the house in the morning – that calm and focus means… you won’t be wondering what you forgot, or hunting for keys, or leaving behind papers (or that healthy lunch you packed last night).

Plan to be Resourceful

If you schedule in boredom before a presentation, you move out of anxiety into your peak performance resources naturally.

What times of day would 5 minutes of stillness transform your performance?
Times where you collect yourself in, step out of the rush of doing and performing and spend five minutes just being.
Set aside striving and settle into living, experiencing, and awareness.
Become truly present in the moment so that you can gather your thoughts, emotions and resources to carry with you into your day.

And some people say, “I am never bored.” And that is a shame. They are often very proud of that lack of boredom. I know, they mean the other type of boredom – not the deliberate refusal to be, or need to be, entertained and distracted.


But the real issue for many people who are never bored: Ruminating will keep boredom away… while making you feel anxiety, overwhelm, helpless, guilt.

Perhaps you think that boredom means you are wasting time… well now that is a symptom lol! If you don’t have mastery enough over your time to spend 5-10 minutes becoming powerfully resourced… well, you need this even more.

Ruminating and anxiety are not actually effective nor productive.
They waste time and energy.

Injecting boredom into key times of your day where anxiety would normally be encroaching gives you back control over your day, your time, your self.
Before you head out the door in the morning, after lunch, instead of a smoke-break (just because you quit smoking doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break), before a meeting or presentation.

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