Imagine starting each day calm, centered, energized. Alive in the moment and creating an experience, a ritual that feels positive, powerful and unhurried.

Some of us leap out of bed each morning – already driven by anxiety for the day. We seem to get sucked into a reactive state for more and more of our day. What we really want is to respond thoughtfully, be proactive and planned, own the day. It starts with owning the morning.

And our snooze button (or our “starving” cats/dog/children/fish) can get us off on the wrong foot for the day.

Fear of not having enough sleep vs fear of being late.

You may recognize the complex mathematics involved in calculating snooze-math, this habit of scarcity with which so many start their day.

If I brush my teeth in the shower, I can sleep for 3 more minutes!

if I skip the drive thru I can snooze for 20 more minutes… conveniently forgetting that the way you used to manage your morning in the past always made this unrealistic.

A morning ritual can let you own the day. It is more than just deciding to release any tension or urgency that stems from what woke you… an alarm, a dream, some other stimulus. It is about the luxury of starting the day from a state of empowerment, creativity, positive anticipation, values and possibility. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

(If there is something that must be done right now, pause and do whatever needs to be done to be able to return and focus entirely on this process.)

When you show up in your life on purpose, you can design and experience your day differently.

That first sip of your morning beverage, savoured, not rushed. Whether is is the sip of a warm creamy coffee, or the crisp freshness of a glass of water.

All of the tasks of getting ready for your day can easily transform into exercises of mindful self-care. Caring for your body by stretching and strengthening, cleaning and clothing. Choosing to use those moments today as opportunities to be truly in the moment. As you brush your teeth, celebrating your teeth, feeling the sensations, tasting the flavour of your toothpaste perhaps.

Joy can be discovered in the mundane just be allowing yourself to be truly present.

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