As you think about the upcoming Municipal Election on October 22nd, it can be helpful to know what is at stake – why to vote and what impact your vote has.

Taxes, bylaws, services, parks and recreation, economic development, building permits, tourism and culture, local roads, water and sewer, library, BIA, fire and policing are all administered at a local level. This means local government has the greatest impact on your day-to-day life.

Your local council can also have an impact on County and Provincial governance and may partner with other municipalities on shared issues.

Council is also the most responsive arm of government… and the level at which you can have the greatest impact yourself. Your first method to impact how the town is run and how it grows is to find out who is running and then get out to vote. Think about the kind of governance you want to see at council: perhaps people who are diverse, caring, intelligent, patient; perhaps you want to see decision making based on a combination of data and compassionate & inclusivity; perhaps you want to see candidates focused on listening to the needs of all of the populations; perhaps you want councillors whose vision is sustainable over the long-term – growing jobs and the economy, tourism as well as local recreation, small town feel but with a realization that convenience, safety and accessibility are required.

This is a governance role. This means the citizens are the employers.

This video by Student Vote is a great overview:

This graphic from our Midland Service Delivery Review is a nice local representation of what happens where municipally: