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Personal Projects extend into my passions and purpose.

When I discovered the tools of Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis and the communication tools of Toastmasters and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, my life changed.

Not just a little. In profound and empowering ways. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a longer journey ahead of me than lies behind me! But, I get to travel it with love and curiosity, compassion and courage.

  • Instead of my brain playing me, I learned to play my brain.
  • Instead of being triggered and reactive, I gained space and calm so that I could choose a response.
  • Instead of believing I was inherently weak or emotional as a personality, I learned to develop a growth mindset and exercise my brain to achieve resilience.
  • I learned about false expectations and boundaries. I discovered that people pleasing is a disrespectful and disabling action.
  • I stopped “doing depression” after 30 years.
  • I learned to be safe even when accepting feedback, criticism, and complaints.
  • I learned to have difficult conversations about expectations, outcomes and timings.
  • I learned to be in my body and develop a sense of self.
  • I learned to love myself and create a life that is filled with all of the range of emotions – which means I get to experience happiness, joy and play again.
  • I learned to become fully present in the moment and in my body.

Because I had so much to learn, and because of the miraculous transformation that this has had on my life, the life of my clients and my family, I feel called to explore and develop programs that anyone can use.

I also feel the desire to experiment and explore with how these skills and tools can be applied in other ways.

These projects include working with my grandson with Conduct Disorder, creating a program from the process I used to stop doing Depression, an examination of Community Leadership and how to reduce the toxicity, how to build Resilience to prevent Compassion Fatigue and Burnout.

This will be part journal, part blog, part programming and altogether a place to document in one spot so I can find it all later!

Childhood Behaviour

What if your child’s temperament makes it so that his skill gaps irritate, annoy and frustrate him? What is the trigger? What does the child tell himself? How does that make him feel? behave? What if we could isolate each behaviour and track it back to the NLP results modeL?
All behaviour comes from your emotion/state. All emotions come from thoughts. All thoughts come from beliefs. All beliefs come from values.

And what if we could map out all of those behaviours as strategies – with triggers, consistent steps and results?
Could we not then work to adjust the beliefs and design new strategies and then “swish” (an awesome and rapid NLP technique that I have used to help with anxiety, bed wetting and context specific issues) those behaviours?

That is my premise – this section is about Xavier.

Community Leadership

How do we build resilience without building a thick skin? I think it comes from perspective exercises where you can reframe for yourself the intention and meaning of the cruelty and judgemental comments and actions individuals take against community leaders (read, you).

Where does a poisoned culture come from (besides doing social change via social media) and how can we prevent it? Education, clarity, proactive communication… can these help? Or is it the experience of those individuals that they feel they must be angry to be heard, that they feel they have no agency or respect themselves? Is there a process to rebuild? Preframing and framing the discussion in a safe and inclusive container can be very effective in other environments, perhaps it plays a role here too. Lots of questions, curious if I will find answers.

This may be a place of book reviews!

Book Club 🙂 “The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments”

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