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You just want to be ready for anything that comes your way whether you are out canvassing, at an event or on the stage. You have heard that 80% of success is preparation.

What you don’t know… is how to prepare. How to take all of the ideas, problems and issues and turn it into your own campaign. Craft your own consistent, recognizable and distinct platform that is easy to remember, easy to quote and easy to share. Here is another view of how the 5 Levers of Messaging Power come together to build your platform. Sign up for the free 40 minute training to get instant access for a deeper dive.

When you look at all of the chatter around the election you notice a few things. First, it changes from day to day and from group to group, and second, that it has barely begun.

If you were to try to design a campaign platform without a system, you would end up with a confusing, disparate jumble of ideas. That would only be memorable in that it would be so confusing that people would have to remark on it!

Start with a Systematic Approach

To be memorable, your platform has to start from who you are and why you are running. This is about developing your persona and purpose.

From there, it needs to examine the consistent issues of the day that matter in your riding and determining which ones are relevant now. These become the two to five themes of your platform.

Your Core Messages

Your core messages spring from the intersection of your persona and your platform.

Filter the Noise

It is only when you have your own core messages hammered down that you can go back to the noise and have any hope of filtering it into a useable format. Pull out the stats, stories and ideas that relate to your core messages and use them to make your messages stronger, more inspiring, more relatable and more actionable (there is a set of techniques that we use to make it very easy to do this).

Build a Memorable Set of Platform Messages

When you have all of this pulled together you end up with a solid bank of messages, sound-bites and support items that you can use to be consistent – without sounding ridiculously repetitive. We do want you to be repetitive in your themes and sound bites – just not ridiculously so. This is achieved by repeating the core messages while adding in a variety of different stories, metaphors and statistics based on the needs of the audience you are addressing that day.


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