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Plan and resource your 90 day sprint!

Set a goal that will drive your 3-year vision forward with velocity. Daily, fast, profound wins that add skills, tools and resources to make your goal happen easily and effortlessly. Includes a daily reminder email. There is a structure and a process to achieving goals that takes them from a wish to a solid decision. When we truly decide to do something… there is nothing that can stand in our way. Decisions are the source of commitment, self-discipline, energy and motivation. Decision points are where the magic happens. Where you go from “just along for the ride” to deliberate, focused and impactful.

This 14 Day Challenge puts you in the driver seat to achieve your massive goal in the next 3 months – at double, triple the velocity you would normally do, and with more energy, more ease, more fun!

We under-estimate what we can get done, for any number of reasons. As many reasons as there are people on the planet I suspect. Those “reasons” (some might call them excuses – but I don’t) are limiting beliefs about ourselves that (needlessly) hold us back. They are lies. Lies we tell our selves out of habit, programming, fear. Secretly, we all doubt that we are capable of achieving the impact we feel called to create. This 14 Day Challenge equips you with a process, tools and support to get off to a running start for your 90 day sprint… build momentum to keep on rolling and finish out the Sprint so far ahead of where you imagined.

14-Day Challenge Content – Prepare for a 90 Day Sprint

Blow your own socks off tools that make success predictable!

  1. Energizing Vision
  2. SMART Goal
  3. Powering up your Goal
  4. Powerful Beliefs
  5. Strategic Habit Design
  6. Environmental Triggers
  7. Daily Rituals
  8. Schedule and Time Block
  9. Step by Step into Action
  10. Support Team
  11. Motivation
  12. Accountability
  13. Check-ins and Celebration
  14. Trouble-shooting and hiccups
  15. BONUS: Self-Hypnosis and Reinforcement