You Deserve a Community Leadership Role filled with:

  • Passion
  • Energy
  • Connection
  • Impact

This quiz helps you identify where you are now – areas you already excel and those missing pieces that, when activated, will leverage your resources, multiply your impact, and make everything so much easier. Activated leadership allows you to lead from where you are and make the difference you want to see in your community, organization, business or tribe. 

Your real super power is something that you do so easily and effortlessly that you may not even value it! have you identified yours? (If not, drop me an email and I will send you the worksheet! We should all know our superpowers.)


How do you activate and leverage your Leadership Super Power once you have found it?

Explore where you are now in the 3 pillars of Leadership Super Powers:

All velocity and action derive from the certainty of have a solid short term and long term vision. In fact you may find that what you thought was a habit of procrastination on  your part evaporates with the addition of clarity.

Your Mindset determines the behaviours that you are able to perform. And your behaviours determine your results. It is as simple as that.

Showing up each day with a mindset of unshakeable confidence, trust, connection and possibility (in a reliable and predictable way) unleashes your leadership super power.

Sharing your vision through inspiring communication is the key to building teams, getting buy-in, attracting public relations coverage, generating likes and shares on social media…

From sales conversations to public speaking, communication is a skill that can be taught and coached to anyone in order for you to achieve a powerful level of competence and confidence.

Building consensus, creative brainstorming, compromise, negotiation, inspiration, sales, fundraising… all communication skills that can be nurtured.

Identify which of the Three Pillars of Leadership Excellence that you can start leveraging today. This quiz will take about 10 minutes. Honestly, evaluate each question from where you really are, not where you would like to be. This information is just for you.

At the end of this quiz you will see which pillar you are already awesome at – that may be the one you leverage to expand and grow first, and which one is your lowest rating – that may be the one you decide to clean up and build up first to make a real difference.

You get to choose. 

Each pillar has a resource that you can download and use today to strengthen and transform your leadership impact right away.