Self Hypnosis MP3s

There are 3 tracks in the pre-course kit:

Track 1: Introduction to Hypnosis

Track 2: Introduction to Your Unconscious Mind

Track 3: Island Metaphor: Full hypnosis set

BONUS TRACK: Protective Shield – this is an NLP and hypnosis tool that allows you to easily and effortlessly focus calmly in stressful or busy environments. This can be strengthened by re-listening to the track or by “re-anchoring” the trigger or anchor when in the midst of feeling great confidence, security, power, joy etc. And each time you use this Protective Shield it can be infused with greater strength.

Please listen to all three tracks before the weekend. Hypnosis is all about learning how to go into trance – which means it gets both easier and deeper with practice. And the client’s trance requires your trance. During a session, the hypnotherapist also goes into trance in order to facilitate the client’s trance.

You will find that listening with earbuds or other headset in a quiet space will be best. Turn off all digital devices and make sure you are comfortable. Sitting in a comfortable chair, well cushioned in a way that allows your head to sink back and feel supported is ideal. If you need the support of lying down, that is okay as well. Keep in mind hypnosis is not sleep – though 15 minutes of trance is equal to 1 hour of sleep.

Listen to these recordings with a beginner’s mind, even if you have a fair amount of experience already. Put on attitudes of play, discovery and imagination as you experience.
With each suggestion, remember that trance is a partnership so just allow, pretend, say inside you a confident “Yes” to each step, test and suggestion to get your best experience.

Before listening to Track 3, please ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

  1. What do you want to work on today? Wisdom or healing or other solution you seek.
  2. How will you know that you have achieved results? i.e. what will be different – in a directly observable way?

Track number 3 offers a full hypnosis session plus sets the groundwork for my Island Metaphor.

Together we are going to create a metaphor that allows you to communicate directly with your unconscious mind during hypnosis in order to fully access its power of healing, creation and transformation… easily accessing change in your health, mood, habits, learning, behaviour and physiology. It can even be used to adjust your attitude, beliefs and experiences and gain learnings from past events that may still be causing you difficulty.

To access all of this magnificence, we will imagine that your mind is a beautiful island with magical locations for each purpose: relaxation spa, physiology and healing center, pain management chamber, habit creation lab, knowledge library, negative belief clearing zone and creativity workroom.

On this island you are safe and open and filled with expectancy and play. What you build and manifest here in the mind becomes manifest in your physiology. This island of yours sits in a calm and beautiful sea, and alongside it floats the prettiest sailboat you have ever seen. This sailboat requires no work – it responds to your wishes safely and instantly – it has a lovely deck with chairs and lounges in which to relax and repose.

Around this entire scene is a Protective Shield that filters out negative energy and thoughts and amplifies the work done within.

The separate Protective Shield bonus track will allow you to set your protective shield for use in this session and anywhere and anytime you may benefit from it. This is a waking hypnosis Neuro Linguistic Programming technique. No induction of trance is required.