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Health care is again the top issue for the upcoming June provincial election with 40 per cent of respondents singling it out.

The economy and jobs came in second at 35 per cent, closely followed by lower taxes with 34 per cent of respondents saying that was the most important issue.

Lower energy costs rounded out the top four at 29 per cent.

Organization Issues

Ontario Chamber of Commerce: Vote-Prosperity

Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO)

Tourism Industry: TIAO 2018 Election Messaging

Ontario Non-Profit Network (ONN) Policy Platform for the 2018 Ontario Election provfcst-mar2018

Ontario Agriculture:

Rural Ontario Institute:

Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA):
While affordable housing is touted as a key issue elsewhere in the site, the OREA Advocacy page gets into realtor concerns more specifically.

Association of Ontario Health Centres: Ontario election 2018 Health Equity at the Centre-final

Ontario Medical Association (not a second longer):

Coalition of Ontario Doctors:

Ontario Long Term Care Association (summary, page 15): OLTCA_Budget_Submission_2018_sm


Fraser Institute: Ontario’s Lost Decade: 2007-2016  ontarios-lost-decade-2007-2016

Ministry Plans

Community hubs in Ontario: A strategic framework and action plan  community-hubs-a-strategic-framework-and-action

Tourism Ontario Plan Tourism_Action_Plan_2016

Rural Ontario Plan roadmap-2014-en


Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) CFTA-Consolidated-Text-Final-Print-Text-English

Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update

Patients First: Action Plan For Health Care roadmap
Report on results April 2017  year_two_results_action_plan_en

Climate Change Action Plan

Sex Education (Health & PE) health1to8