You are already a woman in community leadership – you just may not know it!

  • Entrepreneur
  • Politician
  • Executive Director
  • Volunteer
  • Health-Care Professional
  • Teacher or Trainer

Others look to you as a role model, inspiration, community support. You wear many hats.

Have you ever had one of those days? (not one of those days)
A day where you showed up energized, confident, mindful. Happy.
You were on top of everything and on top of the world.
The people around you are creative, co-operative and willing to compromise.
The words you speak encourage and inspire.
You are respected.
You feel focused and know that you are on track to make a difference in your community.
You know your work is of value and valued and you feel in control of yourself and your world.

What if you could show up this way consistently? Deliberately.
Imagine how your life would be different. More energy, more impact, easier.

Hybrid Coaching Program:

3 One-on-one Sessions (includes Mini Mindset Breakthrough)

  • session one – intake and goals
  • session two – clear stuck emotions and limiting decisions
  • session three – public speaking technique (near conclusion)

12 Group Coaching Sessions

  • module one – ‘permission’ & commitment
  • module two – mindsets of leaders
  • module three – defining and engineering success
  • module four – emotions & behaviours toolbox
  • module five – recovering with resilience
  • module six – elite communication skills
  • module seven – support and accountability systems
  • module eight – achieving 2x traction / campaign
  • module nine – beyond willpower tools and triggers
  • module ten – persona and platform
  • module eleven – languaging and message
  • module twelve – public speaking and media training

Each session includes opportunities for mindfulness, gratitude, public speaking and support in your individual goals.

Intake starting now. Call or text Cher at 705-896-1370 to explore how this can support and accelerate your vision. Prefer to email – that is great too.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot and start on this journey of transformation today.

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All Group Coaching Members qualify for a 2 session Mini Mindset Breakthrough.

Clear out the baggage that gets in the way of you leaning into leadership with confidence and resilience:

  • Stuck/Triggered emotions
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Broken strategies

Curious? Want to understand more?

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