Breakthrough Process

Core Concepts:

Entrepreneur Expert Breakthrough

Entrepreneur Expert Breakthrough

This breakthrough helps you finally get confident on your value and distinctness.

We tackle all of the emotions and limiting beliefs that get in your way – and install some powerful ones to replace them!

Then we create your Three Year Vision from which we will build powerfully motivating goals. Next we will backward engineer that plan into steps, habits and actions and get you off to a running start. Next we equip you to take real strategic action to reach that plan we craft together. Installing goals into your future and your vision and resources into your unconscious.

  • Power up your Message
  • Power up your Confidence
  • Power up your Sales

Political Candidate Breakthrough

Release the limitations and fears that have been holding you back, break through into confidence and then create your powerful positioning, policy and campaign message. This breakthrough will allow you to fully develop your vision for public office far beyond just winning the election and help you keep your vision for public service alive in the midst of struggle and stress.

A combination of mindset, media and message – we dive into:

  • Why are you running?
  • Political goals
  • Confidence, commitment and focus
  • Your persona
  • Your powerful authentic message
  • Public speaking skills
  • Media training & soundbites
  • Confidential sounding board

Public Speaking Breakthrough

You have a message to share. You are the one to share it. But what is it? When you recognize that you have something that needs to be said, to be understood, that could transform lives – getting to the core of the communication then shaping in a way that it can be easily received involves a tool belt of skills.

Confidence, Stage Presence, Core Message

This breakthrough process starts with a full speaking assessment on your writing and presentation skills, dives into brainstorming your core message and the stories that support it.

  • Identifying your stories
  • Crafting sensory experiences
  • Installing confidence
  • Identifying your stage persona
  • Create your vision
  • Backward engineer your 3-year plan
  • Install habits that lead to success