Why do Coaches Elicit Core Values?

As coaches we do a lot of target work on getting new results. This might include goal setting, accountability, sales coaching, marketing planning… some tasks that have an obvious benefit to the client. What can be less obvious and much needed is work that examines our deeper programming. Work on Personality, Values and Beliefs (and [...]

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Sales Goals? Calling all Introvert Entreprenurs!

When you finally clear away the wrong-thinking, cliched nonsense about what makes a great sales person; when you clear up the twisted stereotypes of what an introvert actually is… You discover that introverts are some of the greatest entrepreneurs, leaders and yes, salespeople. Which is why, if you are an introvert, my 14 day challenge [...]

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What is Underneath Those Results?

When I was a little girl I wanted to be an archaeologist. I loved the appeal of mystery (without the danger. At that time, the Mummy movies didn’t exist). Literally uncovering clues by digging through the dirt. Figuring out how those people lived, what they cared about.  Discovery! Brilliant treasures. Getting a glimpse into people’s [...]

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Being an Introvert is NOT your Problem

Working with dynamic brilliant entrepreneurs is incredibly rewarding. One of the things I enjoy most is helping introverts recognize that being an introvert is a tremendous strength - not a problem. (Yes, I am an introvert!) What is a problem is what they have been told introvert means. What is a problem is what they [...]

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#WednesdayWorksheet A Mindfulness + NLP Exercise R.A.I.N. + L + A

I love this worksheet! It is one of the most powerful, profound ways to build emotional regulation and take control of your state that I have seen. It starts with the modality of Mindfulness and the R.A.I.N. process then I add in TimeLineTherapy Learnings and NLP presuppositions and action. Dismiss that Unnecessary Anxiety, Anger, Guilt [...]

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Core Values as your Filter #WednesdayWorksheet

We can live a life driven by our our Core Values and focused on our Vision. To do so we need to be aware of how we filter our reality and then use our values and our vision to deliberately filter that experience. How Values Filter our World Even if  you don't currently know [...]

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You have Imposter Syndrome? #WednesdayWorksheet Limiting Beliefs Journal

When I started teaching college at Georgian College some years ago, I had an opportunity to learn about imposter syndrome... from first hand experience! I arrived at my first day of teaching expecting... expecting... well something. The Dean to audit my first class. The IT department to be checking out that I knew how [...]

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Get out of your Environment for a Change

As entrepreneurs, teachers, even parents - the dream of "just getting away for two weeks" in order to plan and rejuvenate and re-invent ourselves is such a strong desire. And - it is NOT NECESSARY This desire is actually a distraction. It hijacks your ability: to work day-to-day on a solid strategy; to design in weekly [...]

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