How do you Know it is Conflict?

Conflict? Conflict. Introverts avoid it, and we can be surprised to hear that Extroverts, generally, find conflict an engaging challenge. The levels of stress experienced by the same event are one of the things that defines our personalities, leading us toward some activities and away from others. What one feels as stressful, another embraces. We [...]

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Your Brain is Working Perfectly

Anxious? Overwhelmed and irritable? Forgetful to the point you feel you are losing it? Your brain is working perfectly! Just... not in the direction you would like it to be. And no wonder. Honestly, it is logical and easy to understand. But better than that, it is easy and fast to correct!! Sceptical? Let me [...]

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Do Introverts Need Other People?

(MP3 Introvert Recharge available at the bottom of this post - please login to your free account for access) Sometimes introverts can withdraw from other people in a very self-protective way. This is a problem because introverts love people. And many introverts are at their best - creative, problem solving, resourceful - only when they [...]

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What Gets in the Way of Energy, Joy and Velocity in Business?

In your natural state you are confident. Honest. Some days that may sound like a big lie, but I have to say it again. Confidence is your natural state of being. So are energy and joy. If you are not experiencing that as a truth most of the time, you have bunch of baggage and [...]

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The Solution is in the Problem

A great coaching conversation doesn’t tell you anything brilliant, it helps you uncover your own brilliance. As a business and leadership confidence coach, the first thing I actually do with a client is have them prove they have a challenge or problem: “How do you know that there is a problem?” Seriously. This conversation brings [...]

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Get into Flow State Deliberately

(Your free worksheet and hypnosis mp3 are at the bottom of this post.) Where does flow come from? And, is it possible to choose to get into flow? In case you have not heard of flow, let's start there. Flow is a state of being in which you are so present and absorbed in the [...]

Human? You have an UN.

At BNI today we talked about Happiness. Confidence. Joy. These are our natural states of being. When we are not living our life there consistently, this is a symptom. A symptom of a solvable problem. And a pretty much universal problem - because although everyone needs a coach starting in elementary school, this stuff just [...]

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Happy Back-to-School New Year! Ready? #90DaySprint #Goals

Happy New Year! We all know that the first Tuesday after Labour Day Weekend is a second, unofficial New Year’s Day, right? I can almost smell pencil shavings. Other than the “almost”. Confession - I cannot resist going into Staples at the end of August and buying myself new pens, pencils, sticky notes and other [...]

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Self Coaching Process from NLP #WednesdayWorksheet

Where do results come from? The results you are achieving (or not) are very instructive. Just by looking at your results and hearing you talk about them, I can identify your beliefs about yourself and the world. In fact, after a one-hour intake process, you will finally really understand who you are and how you [...]