Life Positioning System

Are your current values and priorities taking you to where you want to go? Work-Life balance can seem like an illusion. And indeed, over the arc of a goal, your focus may lead to a deliberate short-term imbalance. When you have set your purpose and vision into your LPS there will be different priorities that change over time in an acceptable fashion – that still lead to overall balance, and long-term satisfaction and achievement across all aspects of a well-lived life.

Includes a pre-coaching workbook followed by a full coaching session.

LPS Session 1: This session delves into where you are now and why. We set benchmarks, evaluate and create goals for priorities you set.

LPS Session 2: The session at the six month mark, allows a follow up for accountability and course correction – and training to be able to use this tool on your own or with a partner for the rest of your life.