Master Coach and Institute of Hypnosis

Breakthrough limits you thought were just “the way it is” and discover your core message, core value and core difference.

Life Positioning System Coaching

Your environment, goals, abilities and stressors change over time. Are you keeping track? Awareness is a key element in quality of life. Discover where you are now in relation to where you want to go. You may be surprised to discover that you are closer to your goals that you realize. You may also find that course corrections and new resources are required.
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30 Day Breakthrough

30 Day Breakthrough model – results guaranteed. If it is time to power up your presence in business, on the stage, in your life, this coaching program will enable us to uncover your core passion and what is holding you back, clear out old baggage and make way for a dynamic and inspiring 3 year vision. Plus we will backward engineer this vision into the goals, landmarks, habits and actions you can start taking immediately to bring your vision to reality and gain traction in your life.

Political Campaign Coaching

Do you feel like you are ‘dragging your heels’ or ‘running’ for election? When you declare your candidacy it is as though people assume that you have downloaded the full platform into your brain instantaneously. The questions you are asked range from seniors to daycare, healthcare to education and of course taxes in all of their many forms and implications.

Avoid the fear of being “trapped” by a tough question – discover the gift in every inquiry. Become confident, poised and deliberately quotable.

Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

One on one coaching, lunch ‘n’ learns, workshops, Mindset Day, Weekend Retreat formats available.

Equip the caregivers and healers to give sustainably.



Keynotes and seminars on Success Mindsets in business and health & wellness.



Workshops, Mindset Days and Weekend Retreats that empower, install new skills and resource participants to achieve the results you have been wanting.


Hypnosis Training

Discover the power of self-hypnosis to achieve new confidence, change habits (remove unwanted habits and add in powerful habits of change) feel better and achieve results. Self hypnosis practice as well as how to record your own personal-use hypnosis tracks and use the pendulum for direct communication with your unconscious mind. Make the change you desire with the added focus of strategies you install in your own mind.

Use Hypnotherapy to unleash the power of the unconscious
mind for you and for your clients. Enhance your existing services or add a full new modality for achieving real results with your clients. Board Designated hypnosis instructor, Cher, provides training in Krasner, Ericksonian and Elman styles of hypnosis. Board Designation (CHt) is available after successful completion of this course and certification exam.